Buer, The Grandmother Huntress

Buer grants binders superior healing as well as powers against poisons and diseases.

Legend: Buer tells many different stories about how she came to be a vestige, so her true origins remain obscure. In various popular versions of the tales, she is a beautiful elf maiden who fell to evil satyrs, a virtuous human ranger killed by a chimera, or a green hag slain by a lammasu. It’s likely that Buer herself cannot remember who she was in life or what brought her to her current state, and the stories she tells are cobbled together from the shreds of her memory that remain. Regardless of what her true form once was, most binders believe that she possessed great skill as a hunter and healer in life.

Special Requirement: Buer requires that her seal be drawn outdoors.

Manifestation: Buer’s form is that of a five-branched star, or wheel, composed of satyr legs. She has two faces, one positioned on each side of her wheel-shaped body at the center point where the five legs meet. One face is that of a green hag, and the other is a raging, leonine visage with an unruly mane and beard. Buer constantly moves within her seal, rolling from foot to foot as she traverses its circumference. She always keeps her raging face outward, but she speaks from her green hag face in a friendly manner with a gentle voice. When her body rolls in such a way that her hag face cannot see her summoner, Buer grows frustrated and begins yelling curses at her body.

Sign: Your feet turn into satyr’s hooves, giving you a curious tip-toeing gait. These hooves prevent you from wearing normal boots or shoes, but magic footwear reshapes to fit you.

Influence: Under Buer’s influence, you are plagued by momentary memory lapses. For an instant, you might forget even a piece of information as familiar as the name of a friend or family member. Furthermore, since Buer abhors the needless death of living creatures other than animals and vermin, the first melee attack you make against such a foe must be for nonlethal damage. In addition, Buer requires that you not make any coup de grace attacks.

Granted Abilities: Buer grants you healing powers, the ability to ignore toxins and ailments, and skills that help you navigate the natural world.

Buer’s Knowledge: You gain a +4 bonus on Heal, Knowledge (nature), and Survival checks, and you can make Knowledge (nature) checks as if you were trained, even if you have no ranks in that skill.

Buer’s Purity: You have immunity to disease and poison, and making a pact with Buer removes any existing disease and neutralizes any poison that afflicts you.

Delay Diseases and Poisons: Each ally within 30 feet of you gains temporary immunity to poison and disease. Allies within the area make saving throws against disease and poison effects normally, but they do not incur the effects of failure as long as they stay within 30 feet of you. An ally that leaves the area immediately suffers all the effects for any missed saves.

Fast Healing: You gain the fast healing 1, and the rate of healing increases with your effective binder level. You gain fast healing 2 at 10th level, fast healing 3 at 13th level, fast healing 4 at 16th level, and fast healing 5 at 19th level.

Healing Gift: As a standard action, you can cure 1 point of damage to yourself or another creature. As a fullround action, you can cure 1d8 points of damage +1 point per effective binder level (maximum 1d8+10 points). Either version requires that you touch the creature to be cured. If you use the fullround cure ability, you cannot use your healing gift again for 5 rounds. The other version is usable at will. Both uses of the ability channel positive energy and deal a corresponding amount of damage to undead.

Track: You can track foes as though you possessed the Track feat.