Burning For Lolth

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Ariara, level 8 high elf ranger/scout
Crank, level 8 warforged monk
Alieena Darkcast, level 7 half-elf wizard
Galen, level 9 human monk/drunken master

1 Alarm trap (CR 2)
1 chlorine gas trap (CR 4)
2 yochlols (CR 5 each, CR 7 total)
1 biting mechanical spider poison trap (CR 3)
1 Wicker man (CR 11)

Alieena: 3,019 xp
Ariara, Crank: 2,525 xp for each
Galen: 1,941 xp

4,800 gp for each
Choice of a Scout's Headband (M132), Skirmisher Boots (M136), Rags of Restraint (M 119), Rapidstrike Bracers (M119), Orb of Mental Renewal (M167), Summoner's Totem (M187), Survival Pouch (M187), Spellmight Bracers (M137) or any +2 armor or shield as a special reward from the elves. M is the Magic Item Compendium.

Quest Summary:
After a daring raid by drow on a high elven diplomatic envoy travelling through the mountains north of Avalon City, the party was hired to go into the bowels of the Underdark to retrieve a stolen princess and her attendants. Passing through several deadly traps, the party faced two of the handmaidens of Lolth, who had been about to start molesting the attendants of the princess, and defeated them soundly. The party then passed through another locked, trapped door, and found the princess about to be stuffed into a wicker man construct, this one made mostly of dry bones. Alieena used magic to replace the princess with herself, while the bruisers in the party laid into the towering construct and brought it to its knees, using the ensuing confusion to escape.