Business In The Bayou

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kiran, level 4 human swordsage/duskblade
Galen, level 2 human monk
Sentrosi, level 1 changeling bard
Ziyanani, level 2 feline psychic rogue
Kayrel, level 4 catfolk cloistered cleric
Lillith, level 1 human duskblade
Kaotaka, level 4 elapi swordsage/barbarian/fighter

Crushing Walls trap (CR 4)
Werecrocodile (CR 6)

Kiran, Kayrel, Kaotaka: 515 for each
Galen, Sentrosi, Ziyanani, Lillith: 579 xp for each

685 gp, 7 sp, 2 cp for each

Quest Summary:
A porque merchant's caravan was raided by a werecrocodile and his band of alligators, and his daughter made off with, to be lunch later. The party were hired to go and save her before she ended up as a main dish. They made their way to Alligator Lee's, an old shaman concealed by a deadly trap, who told them where to go, and then battled with the werecroc, saving the girl from the werecroc's larder.