Located in the middle of the Raging Jungle is the city of Butasta, City of Scales. Almost all scaled folk are welcome here, provided that they follow the rules, and ancient neutral-aligned nagas serve as the ruling class. The city is carefully guarded, and while most people on the continent think of the place as merely a legend, there are indeed trade routes to and from the place, and Butasta is known as the single best source for a wide variety of different products from the jungle, including many strange and exotic plant and animal products, though the most famous fruits of the jungle are the Eyes of Flame, diamonds of especially fine water that often come in numerous colors, red, blue and yellow being the most common, taken from well-guarded mines in the heavily forested foothills of the Stormlords where they touch the Raging Jungle. Interestingly enough, though most reptilian people of all sorts are welcome here, including the dangerous and anti-magical sarkreth (although this race is only allowed to come in small delegations under controlled conditions), yuan-ti are not, and this race of evil serpent folk are hated and shunned, and, when possible, hunted and killed, a task carried out by a band of specially-trained elite warriors called the Snake Eaters, who have an especial hatred for the yuan-ti.

Major Races: Lizardfolk and subraces; Nagas.

Government: Geriarchic Meritocracy. Eleven of the eldest and most clever of the nagas, as decided by their community, meet together and decide upon city policy and hold judicial hearings, with a strong tendency to favor repetition of successful prior actions. They also select those they deem to be the most effective of the citizens of the city to act as Market Judges, who are given the daily run of the city’s many requirements, ensuring that the peace is kept and the will of the council is carried out.

Nation Alignment: Neutral with Good tendencies.