Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager variety of quest runner is reserved for those who have distinguished themselves as capable and knowledgeable of the rules and setting of Therafim to the point that they can be trusted to run world spanning, and even world affecting campaigns. This position functions in every way as a Quest Runner with a few differences.

What A CM CAN do:

  • They can run campaigns that can last weeks or even months if they can keep a steady group of players.
  • They can use the ENTIRE setting at their disposal under the condition that the C.M. Undersands they can not make sweeping changes to the game world such as killing a god, destroying one of Therafim's moons, adding in new races at player request, etc.
  • A CM has FULL authority on their campaigns and are considered a full DM for any and all decisions on it, including who plays and rules decisions. They will not have the need for the staff, save for arbitrating the rules in the event of a gridlock. They have free reign to run within the boundaries of the setting.
  • A CM will have temporary ops of the quest channels, and can remove problem players or lurkers.

What a CM can NOT do:

  • They can not “run in secret”, that is, they must let everyone know that they are running this and have open invitations, just like on a normal quest. However, the CM can limit the number of players and deny players for any reason they see fit. They don't have to cater to problematic players, trolls, or people they just do not like.
  • They can NOT show any form of favoritism or nepotism. They must be completely impartial and follows the rules.
  • They can not make approvals for items and special backgrounds nor make any decisions that the staff must make, however they have a voice in regards to their campaign.

Earning the rank of Campaign Manager has its rewards. We all here at Therafim know how hard it is to manage such things and keep a campaign rolling. As such, here's what you gain from it.

  • A special title to add to your nick when you run your campaign. Add “CM” to your Wiki account or nick that you use for running quests. You will still earn double U.P. For running.
  • +2 more rep per quest ran during your campaign. This is IN ADDITION to what you would earn from running based on level. You gain said bonus rep after two consecutive runs for said campaign and you must continue to run it in order to receive the bonus.
  • Temporary ops of the quest channels during your quests and campaign.
  • Priority with regards to the day of your campaign. If you and your players agree to run on Friday evening, no one else but you will run at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“What is the campaign manager?”
A campaign manager is a “quest runner on steroids” so to speak. These are players who have distinguished themselves as prominent quest runners and have been given a greater level of freedom in regards to adventures. C.M. for short, they have the leave of the staff to run campaigns within the game setting with little to no supervision. They can use the entire game setting and even the D&D planes of existence as a medium for their adventures. They can use additional supplements such as Heroes of Horror or information from other campaign settings to tailor make experiences for their players. The position does not, however, allow them to make sweeping and drastic changes to the game world or add in races, classes and the like for players to exploit, but they can give players a greater sense of achievement that a campaign brings as well as keep steady activity for the channel.

“Whats the difference between it and a Quest Runner?”
Unlike normal quest runners, Campaign Managers have the greatest amount of freedom during their work. They get control of the quest channel, can select who goes on their campaigns based on group structure, need, and available players. They can also determine the number of who goes (Four players minimum, no limit maximum to the capabilities of the C.M.), and for the duration of their campaign, while they are running, have FULL DM authority. That is, though the CM is still beholden to the staff of Therafim, they can't influence the rulings made by the CM, especially if they are on the campaign as a player!
Finally, there are a few perks to the position that makes it worth it.

You bet.
You earn more rep than a normal quest runner (+2 more rep per quest after the third session, this stacks with what you earn for running per level. For instance, if you run a campaign for starting level 15, you earn not only the rep from this, you also get a bonus of two more rep in addition to it PLUS your double unspent tally points.)
You also will be granted full ops of the quest channel and quest OOC channel only for that time (see a staff member before you start to get your ops), not to mention full control of your game as mentioned before.
Lastly, as a C.M. You'll be able to influence the game world within reason, and give it more life.

“Sounds tempting, what's the catch?
The catch is that you have to be at least of Veteran rank, have obtained your quest runner privileges, and have ran more than three quests with at least one of them having been continued.

“Sound's easy enough, what do I do to get it?”
Send a wiki request to Liadan or ask her in channel. If she is not present, one of the existing staff members (Scathien, Seren, Ibis OR Saera) will be there for you to ask. A small interview will take place and an outline of your campaign requested from you. You should hear something immediately or within the week.

“I've worked out a date and time for my players but I can't make it, what do I do?”
We all know that real life has to come first more often than we'd like. Just send a wikimail to your players or just let them know within a reasonable time frame that you're not available that day to run so you can reschedule. We have numerous means to communicate with one another here, so you shouldn't have problem reaching someone. If you can't, try to get in touch with one of the staff and they will do it for you. If you leave your players hanging for more than three weeks, you'll lose your C.M. Privileges. A helpful hint is to use the Wiki to post your campaign notes and place under the discussion tab whats what.

“Do I have to offer this to everyone? Can I run it with just my friends?”
Yes and no. While you do have the power to choose who you wish to run based on need and preference, you still must offer the campaign to everyone to be fair and give a reason why you are turning a player away. It can be for any reason from “We're full, sorry.” “I don't want optimized/min-max douchbagery” or “We have one too many meleers” to just plain “I don't like you.” You are in charge, you are the DM, you make the rules.

“I have a problem player, what do I do about it?”
Again, you are the DM and as such can mete out YOUR brand of justice on the campaign you're running. The staff will not interfere nor influence players or yourself unless you or your player is being very belligerent and disruptive (which will result in a much nastier penalty for the offender.)

“What do I do if I have a player that is consistently late or doesn't show?”
The rule of three applies here…if they don't show up for three sessions with no heads up, you can replace them. If they say they will show, but walk out on your campaign (IE: Ragequit), make a note in your quest summary of what happened and send a log to the staff. Not only will they NOT get quest rewards, rage-quit players will be banned from all quests for a period determined by the staff.

“What if I have a question that's not listed here?”
Pester Lisa, she has the answers…most of the time…