Set in the heart of the eternal twilight that is Avalon's Undercity, Cantabile plays host to a higher calibre of clientele than the well known surface establishment Arcadia. More bistro than bar, with tasteful painting and sculptures dotted about the place, the decor is classy without appearing particularly gaudy. Master crafted furniture sets the scene, all made of rare and exotic wood and varnished in various herbal scented solutions to give each table a unique flavour. There are private booths set alongside one wall of the establishment for those patrons who value discretion or solace, when occupied the booths can be set with an enchantment so that all sensory information can be blocked via a magical curtain and privacy assured.

As Cantabile is set in the heart of the Undercity, a certain expectation comes with this that those in the establishments employ are courtesans of royal quality. Both men and women serve as waiters and bartenders, all charismatic, able to spin a yarn and deathly beautiful. In spite of this there is a high level of conduct expected of the staff not to get too friendly with the customers, as it isn't a brothel, but with themed costume days and rotating uniforms to suit all tastes they are at least a pleasure to behold.

For these reasons and more Cantabile is frequented by high fliers from all walks with private security always on hand to keep the peace, rarely, but more frequently to turn riffraff away before they come within a hundred yards of the door with their iron guards glare. The ambiance would be ruined by common folk, whom many patrons of this bistro would rather not spend more time than necessary in the company of. It is a stylishly elegant place for fashionable folk, one of the finest in all Undercity, a place where those that have the means to enjoy life can do so to the tune of coin and classical compositions.