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Gila Kingdom
Tribes of the Serewind Plains

Cargando is a place originally populated by peoples who travelled from Hydra and Crescent, and so its humans and halflings tend to have darker skin and hair colorations. As its name, which means "to load" or "loading," Cargando's major cities rely upon outside trade to survive beyond a bare subsistence level. In addition, Cargando is an excellent central location for trading ships on their way between Hydra, Crescent, and Summer Country, and so quite a lot of trade passes through the cities of Leather Hill and Sierra Verde, to the north and south of the continent, respectively.

Places of Note:
Phineas' Well: Originally drilled by Phineas, a determined but failed prospector said by many to be a half-human, half-dwarf, besides having the worst luck of any man that has ever lived, Phineas' well is on the south side of the Anvil Peaks. Phineas dug his well incredibly deep, but eventually gave up on it and left, only to have the well gradually fill in later, as water seeped in from below. After nomadic tribal groups discovered this well, which had been drilled down into the solid rock beneath the soil, they began to use it, and it has never run dry since. It is customary, when camping by Phineas' Well, to tell tales about Phineas, all of which are humorous, and none of which ever seem to finish off the unluckiest man in the world, though some do get close, and it is presumed that Phineas is still alive today, and probably still having his string of bad luck somewhere. How many of these stories are true is unknown, but anyone telling such tales will swear up and down to their verity.

Terrain Features:
Serewind Plains: A vast, windswept plain that takes up the majority of the surface of the continent, with seasonal rainy and seasons, each taking up about half of the year. During the dry season, the Serewind plains can be brutally hot, and those who cannot get to an oasis, well, or other source of water are certain to die quickly. During the wet season, the plains tend to flood, requiring constant movement and searching for shelter to avoid being washed out. Because of this set of extremes, while the Serewind Plains have a teeming variety of plant and animal life, all those who live on the Plains must be hardy and well-suited for survival, or else they won't last for long, as one or the other of the two seasons will finish them off.

Anvil Peaks: Altogether, the Anvil Peaks are a surprisingly flat-topped set of mountains, so much so that they look almost like an extended mesa. The series of mesas here are home to the Stone Builder tribe, who build homes of stone and cement right into the sides and on the tops of the Anvil Peaks and make terraced farms.

Shield Ridge: A high, relatively narrow ridge of mountains on the south of the Serewind Plains that acts for the good of Sierra Verde, and for the ill of the Plains, making sure that the moisture-rich winds from the south fall on the former, while neglecting the latter. The Shield is noted as a place where many Underdark reptiles live, especially troglodytes and the antimagical sarkreth, as well as a major kobold population. These races live in the ruins of ancient kingdoms sunk beneath the mountains during various cataclysms that have rocked Therafim, and then built upon, especially by the industrious and expansionist Sarkreth. While not especially rich in minerals in the upper reaches of this mountain range, the lower reaches are very rich indeed, and several streams running down into Sierra Verde from sources deep in the mountains are often panned for gold.