Cast About a Cadaver

DM Name: DarkMask


Reid: Level 2 Human Rogue/Swashbuckler
Rodur Ogrecrusher: Level 4 Dwarf Warblade
Echo: Level 4 Human Fighter/Warblade


1: Kython Broodling, CR 1
2: Kython Broodling, CR 1
3: Kython Broodling, CR 1
4: Kython Broodling, CR 1
5: Kython Broodling, CR 1
6: Kython Broodling, CR 1
7: Kython Broodling, CR 1
8: Kython Broodling, CR 1
9: Kython Broodling, CR 1


Reid: 900 EXP
Rodur: 900 EXP
Echo: 900 EXP


Reid: 1350 GP
Rodur: 1350 GP
Echo: 1350 GP

Quest Summary:

Having obtained a live specimen of the strange demonic broodling, the Scholar's interest in the matter has been peaked, but due to circumstances that he was only "borrowing" this particular broodling, there was only so far he could go with his studies. However, to really get an understand and confirm theories he had regarding these monsters, he needed one he could dissect, or least the corpse of one.

The Scholar of Lore put out a quiet commission, and was pleased when only three able bodies adventurers answered the call. Their mission was to venture back to the caverns hidden underneath the old, abandoned farmhouse and collect for him a specimen, dead or alive, it didn't matter, as long as the young broodling was intact, he certainly could dissect a crushed broodling now could he?

The three adventurers came upon the farmhouse, locked and now with a warning etched deep into the wood of the door, however they were here for a reason, their roguish companion made short work of such a simple lock, revealing the gaping hole in the floor, waiting to be explored. With a tumble, climb, and leap they entered the caverns of the beast, and only a short while through the halls of the underground hive, they were suddenly swarmed by a pack of hungry, vicious broodlings, all able specimens, if just one could be preserved.

The battle was long fought, each of the adventurers, even the heavily armored Echo, were soon made to provide a taste to the young demons, their razor short teeth tearing into their flesh, as the warriors countered with their weapons. The result was much too close for the adventurer's comfort, but they proved victorious in vanquishing their foes. With an intact cadaver in hand, they return to the scholar, to provide him with his dissection specimen.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien