Catacombs of Chaos

Quest Title: Catacombs of Chaos

DM Name: MalcolmWrynn

Name, Level, Race, Class
Gram Chandler/2/Mousekin/Rogue1,Paladin1(Present for first encounter)
Ayla Varia/1/Human/Rogue

First Challenge: 4 standard-MM Goblins, plus 2 2nd-level Goblin Clerics, plus 1 2nd level Goblin Fighter. (CR's ranging from 1/3rd to 1/2)

Second Challenge: 8 standard-MM Goblins, plus 1 2nd level Goblin Fighter, plus 1 3rd level Goblin Fighter. (CR's ranging from 1/3rd to 1)

Third Challenge: 2 2nd level Goblin Clerics, 1 3rd level Goblin Cleric, 5 Small Monstrous Spiders, 2 Medium Monstrous Spiders.

Gram: 213 XP
Liliana: 1280 XP
Nox: 1280 XP
Ayla Varia: 1280 XP

Gram: 450 GP
Liliana: 1350 GP
Nox: 1350 GP + 1 scroll of Cure Light Wounds
Ayla Varia: 1350 GP

Quest Summary:
A friar in a hamlet a few miles outside Avalon calls for help, as goblins had broken into the village's church-catacombs the night before. He'd barricaded them inside before they could make their escape, but could not clear them out himself. Heroes arrive, and plow through the catacombs. They discover a fountain possessing healing qualities, though it only works so long as they're within the catacombs, any water taken out reverts to plain (albeit pleasant tasting and pure) water. Fought 1st challenge, healed, then fought 2nd and then 3rd challenges. Goblins apparently wished to raid for items, found some sort of religious artifact of unknown origin, which, when activated, caused otherwise not-very-dangerous spiders to transform into larger, monstrous, and hostile versions of their kind. The artifact backfired though, and an arm belonging to some nether-dwelling fiend reached out from the orb to pull one of the goblin clerics in the last encounter shrieking to his doom.

XP awarded by Ibis