Catch And Release Program


Tier, Foxkin Wizard1
Aeron, Human Warblade1
Rhea, Dwarf, Cleric1


  • Encounter 1 — EL3
    • Bugbear CR2
    • Fought without Gear +1CR
  • Encounter 2 — EL2
    • 2 Hobgoblins CR1
    • 4 Kobolds CR 1
  • Encounter 3 — EL5
    • Lv 4 Teifling Wizard CR 4
    • Worg CR2


  • EXP — 1150XP to all participants
  • Loot
    • Teir
      • 1500GP
      • Spell Book
        • 1ST Level — Alarm, Lesser Deflect, Suspend Disease, Blades of Fire, Black Bag, Detect Secret Doors, Instant Search, Whelm, Identify, Animate Rope.
        • 2ND Level — Glitterdust, Fog Cloud, Protection from Arrows, Locate Object, Bull's Strength
    • Rhea
      • 500GP
      • Adamantine Warhammer
    • Aeron
      • 500GP
      • Adamantine Widowmaker Axe


Rhea and Aeron break from their bonds and contend in fisticuffs against the armed bugbear jailor who'd made an advance on Rhea. Teir however decided to cower in a corner whilst the two ladies defended their honor and virtues winning their freedom from the cell they had begun in. Their freedom however still left them with the question of who captured them, how they managed it, and why them.

After exploring the cells, they finally came to the door that would lead to their way out! Upon searching the desk and the chest that lay before the door, clearly a check in station for new prisoners. They were in some amount of luck, apparently they had awoken before their things could be carted off to the armory. However, though the had found the majority of their equipment, it seemed that their weapons were not among them. After sorting out their belongings and equipping their armor they moved forward with their calculated escape.

Upon ascending the stairs and opening a door to the next room they are ambushed by a pair of hobgoblins and a quartet of kobolds. One kobold manages to kill itself with its own knife almost immediately. Aeron does the heavy lifting, killing both kobolds with no more than a dagger, then getting hold of her greatsword she makes lethal use of it slaying two of the remaining kobalds. Rhea slays the final one but meets with misfortune as she smashes her toe with her own warhammer. The party quickly finds the way out, giving Rhea the ability to determine not only where they are but the most likely place to find their captor. They head off to the war-room to seek vengeance upon the one who'd ordered their abduction.

The party managed to sneak up on the spell caster behind it all, his pet worg, and some other unnamed person who seemed to have been the one behind it all. The man who was bartering over their purchase of the three adventurers as slaves took steps to flee once the party arrived on the scene. The party made an attempt to capture and or kill him but failed, however they did manage to take their vengeance upon the Teifling spell slinger and his pet. After a long frightening adventure to regain their freedom and wreak vengeance upon their captor, the party was justly awarded, guided easily to the treasury and arms room by the dwarf in their party upon slicing the worg in half and pancaking the Teifling. To be Continued??