Channel List

Server Details

Presently, Therafim is without an online host network. This may change in the future, but Until further notice, the following method of logging in and channel names are only for historical reference.

Logging In

When you first enter one of the channels below, be sure to type the following: !login <playername>. By doing this, you will be able to get experience and gold for roleplaying in any room outside of the OOC room.

It is advised that you use the same playername that you have used here on the Therafim wikia site, so that it will be easier to provide you with your roleplaying experience and gold.

Channel List

#TherafimRPG - Where roleplaying anywhere on the planet that is not Avalon City takes place.
#TherafimRPG_OOC - The place for your OOC banter and general main channel for the game.
#TherafimRPG_Arcadia - The Arcadia Inn, serving your random pub needs since '10.
#TherafimRPG_Avalon - Main room for roleplay in the city of Avalon.
#TherafimRPG_Mechanus - Rules and opinions; go here if you have questions or opinions on anything about the game.
#TherafimRPG_Other - For all your overspill roleplaying needs.
#TherafimRPG_Private - For those times when you feel the need to be alone with someone.
#TherafimRPG_Quest - Where adventures come to life, and quests are run.
#TherafimRPG_Quest_OOC - Here is where quest-related Out Of Character chatting takes place, and the dice are rolled.
#TherafimRPG_Quest2 - This is for additional quests, run when the main quest room is filled. It is also appropriate for use as a place for sparring and training scenes, for player versus player battles, and for use as an overspill room for roleplaying.
#TherafimRPG_Quest2_OOC - Where the dice are rolled and discussions had, relating to the Quest2 room.
#TherafimRPG_Undercity - Main room for roleplay in the Undercity of Avalon, and the Underdark in general.

mIRC Tutorial
*As mentioned above, we are on two servers. If you wish to connect to both at the same time and are using mIRC, then connect to one server and use /server -m <server name> to open a new server window in the same mIRC window.

*Registering nicks is the same on both servers. /ns register <nick> <password> <email> If my nick is Bob then I would type /ns register Bob password moc.bob|bob#moc.bob|bob (though you can use none if you don't wish to provide your email address)

*The servers both have the GROUP feature. It's very handy when you have more than one nick. The syntax is /ns group <main nick> <password of that nick> So if my main nick is Bob and I want to register Fred too, I would use /ns group Bob password (you do not need to provide your email address when you group)

*You can always use the HELP commands in the Server window. If you need help with your nickname, you can type /ns help and it will give you a list of all the help options. If you need help with channels, you type /cs help