Channel Op Responsibilities

Channel Operators are expected to work together to field questions, resolve issues with players, and assist in general. They are to guide players through the use of the webpage (vital considering its size), ensure no cheating takes place, and help keep the channel and the site running as smoothly as possible. They are also tasked with adjudication in player conflicts, and their rulings are considered final, even when dealing with other Ops (except the Lead Op - see below).

To assist in their duties, Channel Operators are the only Ops allowed to use a temporary (24 hour) ban without getting the immediate approval of another Op, though they will be required to justify their decision to do so later. They are also the only Op that can override the decisions of other Ops, though, once again, they will be required to justify their decisions in this matter.

Failure to provide adequate justification for an action, especially considering the extent of powers given to Channel Ops, will result in disciplinary action, and so it is highly recommended that such actions still be done with the support of at least one other Op.

The Lead Op is able to override decisions made by Channel Ops, as with all other Ops, and has final say on all adjudication. A Channel Operator is also able to override the actions of another Channel Op, which will then require the matter to be brought before the Lead Op.