Channel Staff

All Staff are allowed to change the title of their personal position to whatever they wish. However, they may only make this change to their own title, and no one else's.

Staff listed in bold letters are presently active and may be contacted regarding their present position's duties.


Name Position
Gideon Kalve Jarvis Thera-Pope/Lead Op
Scathien Resident Bookkeeper & Number Cruncher…also an Op
Kara`nydraess Lazarus of Ops
Ibis Op


Name Position
Hopey Channel/Wiki Maintenance
Tritium Channel/Wiki Maintenance

Please feel free to pm any of the Ops with your questions, comments, or concerns. Op responsibilities are listed below, so you know who to contact for a given issue:

Channel Op Responsibilities
Lead Op Responsibilities
Mechanics Op Responsibilities
Story Op Responsibilities


Name Position
Seren Storyteller in Residence

Dungeon Masters

Name Position
Darkmask Lil rascally DM


Name Position
Pale Ascended

Retired Former Staff