Character Building Resources

We understand this is an adult-themed channel. As such, there will be some scenes that some players may feel uncomfortable in. It's common sense to talk to your RP partner and let them know how you feel. The scene can be a "fade to black" if you don't mind it happening but are uncomfortable in having it played out. If the person you're playing with will not listen to you and insists the scene continue, you can leave it. You will not be penalized in the least. Let an OP know what's happened so we can speak with the person. Roleplaying should be FUN. You shouldn't feel like you have to continue a scene because someone insists and you don't want to hurt their feelings. You have options, and you have an OP staff that will support you. NOTHING is to be done against your will.

Pathfinder Template
Character Template 1
Character Template 2

Onsite Articles

Playing An Evil Character
How You Play The Game by Tracy Raye Hickman
The Group Template
How to Roleplay Your Stats by pyrostinger

Sites to Help Develop Characters and Writing Style

Sites for Character Images

Use clean images only, please, when making your characters - tasteful nudity at most. Also, kindly do not link to images hosted offsite unless it is via a proper imagehost such as Photobucket, Imageshack or tinypic. We don't want to see images linked from Wizards, Blizzard gallery or anywhere like that. Thank you.

Tinypic - A place to upload your character images
Doll Divine - Where you can make your own custom character images more easily.
Azalea's Dolls - Another character image creation site.
-Art from the Ironclaw Anthropromorphic RPG
The Art of Dan Scott
Elfwood Sci-fi and Fantasy Art
The Pen and Paper Art Gallery
The Blizzard Fan Art Page
Keith Parkinson's Fantasy Art
Realms Art
Chris Achilles' Fantasy Art
Artists in the UK Art Galleries
Ana Cruz Arts
CG Art World
Justin Sweet
Keith Parkinson
Don Maitz
Greg Staples
Jason Engle
Daniel Dociu
Aleksi Briclot
Stephani Pui-Mun Law
Santiago Iborra
The Art of Matt Jarret - Contains figure studies of various D&D races, including orcs.
The Art Galleries of

Other sites include the usual suspects: Danbooru, Gelbooru, e621 (for beastfolk images), and the array of other imageboards such as iichan, 4chan, and so on. Google any of the listed names for more (not linked directly for content reasons).

Sites Of Interest

These are sites that might help players to optimize their characters. Guides on classes, on races, on items, all are valid links. Feel free to add your own.

Friendly Local Gaming Site - A forum-based site filled with useful tips and tricks for improving your game.
Monk's Handbook - A guide for optimizing monks. Biased, but has some good points.
Combat Calculator - For if you want to see, roughly, what your character can do in battle.