Charitable Organizations

People need charity sometimes. Hard times hit us all and there can be bad harvest which means a lack of food in some parts of Therafim. The people, overall, are generous and will care for their neighbors.

Many organizations gather donations of clothing, food, and money to help these people.

Avalonian Guard has a fund for it's members. Every guard gives a little out of their pay that goes into a pool. If a guard is injured and is unable to pay for the needs of their family, or if their life is lost, then the fund will help the family stay on it's feet while getting their life together and mourning the lost of their loved one, or to get the guard back into active duty. Most city guards other than Avalon have a fund similar to this.

People's Place gathers clothes for those less fortunate. They freely give clothes to those that come by in need and they make sure everyone has a warm cloak and a nice blanket to keep them comfortable during the winter months. They take any kind of donation and hold many clothing drives throughout the year. The most notable one is usually held during Spring Renewal where people shed their winter clothes for cooler ones. They take these off the hands of those that would otherwise be overrun with old clothes.

The Baker's Guild holds a bake sale sometime during the summer months to raise money for Avalonian museum. It takes a lot to keep it safe and keep the unique and rare items inside out of the hands of thieves. They sell their wares and give all the proceeds to the museum so the people can learn about the history of the world. Nevermind the fact that this is also a great way to get new apprentince bakers!

Everyone knows there's a Thieves Guild, though they deny their own existance. They do sometimes give a bit of what they stole to the less fortunate. Sometimes they will break into a house to leave a bit of a gift. They're not all heartless. This might be a myth, what thief wants to part with their hard earned loot? Not any I know!

Farmers don't sell all their food. They keep a portion for their family and another portion goes to the families that can't afford to feed themselves. They often give enough canned veggies and fruits to get through a winter for one family, sometimes two if the harvest has been generous. If their livestock have been productive, milk, eggs, and sometimes even a slaughtered cow is given to help the family get through those cold months.

There are also a few orphanages for the children who's parents have fallen to whatever means, be it sickness or other untimely deaths. These children need a place to live and hopefully a family to take them in. The Cassi orphanage is the most famous, and they operate solely on donations of food, money, clothing, and toys. Anything that a person no longer needs or wants, they will take and find a use for. Adoption is always the best solution, but not every child is adopted so having a safe place to live is the second best option.