Chupoclops, Harbinger of Forever

A great monster believed to be a harbinger of the apocalypse, Chupoclops became a vestige when slain by mortals. Chupoclops grants its summoner a poisoned bite and unnatural senses, plus the ability to pounce on foes, to exist ethereally, and to make enemies despair.

Legend: Chupoclops once stood tall in the company of Fenris, Dendar the Night Serpent, and other supposed harbingers of the end of existence. A titanic spiderlike creature, Chupoclops stalked the Ethereal Plane, devouring ghosts and giving birth to mortals’ nightmares. Legend has it that the gods trapped the monstrous Chupoclops in the realm of ghosts to prevent it from devouring hope, but it was destined to escape and sate its hunger during the end times. Because Chupoclops was a terror to both the living and the undead, several powerful individuals eventually joined forces to fight it. Three were great heroes, and four were powerful villains. Four of these seven-one of the heroes and three of the villains— were ghosts; the rest were living. This group set out to murder Chupoclops and thus accomplish what deities could not. The furious battle lasted for seven days, and each day ended with the death of one member of the group that had come to kill the great monster. On the last day, the last hero struck down Chupoclops with her dying blow. Chupoclops, never a creature defined by the normal rules of the universe, became a vestige after its death. Binder scholars claim that adventurers still encounter its enormous corpse in the misty Ethereal Plane. Now that the monster can no longer destroy hope, some say it will exist forever, and thus, so will the world.

Special Requirement: You must draw Chupoclops’s seal with a handful of soil from a grave or tomb. Alternatively, you can place the dead body of a sentient creature (one with Int 3 or higher) over its seal before the summoning begins. In addition, Chupoclops hates Amon for some unknown reason and will not answer your call if you are already bound to him.

Manifestation: Chupoclops appears over its seal in the form of a Colossal phase spider. However, only the part of its body directly over its seal is visible at any given time. In most cases, Chupoclops first appears as a massive spider leg striking out of nowhere into the center of the seal. Then it shifts its body, slowly bringing its face into view and down to the level of its summoner. Glaring over its oddly tusked arachnid visage from eight all-too-human eyes, Chupoclops rumbles an ominous growl to begin the process of pact making.

Sign: Your lower jaw increases in size, and two long, sharply pointed tusks grow upward from it.

Influence: While under the influence of Chupoclops, you can’t help but be pessimistic. At best, you are quietly resigned to your own failure, and at worst, you spread your doubts to others, trying to convince them of the hopelessness of their goals. In addition, Chupoclops requires that you voluntarily fail all saving throws against fear effects or any effect that imposes a morale penalty.

Granted Abilities: Chupoclops gives you the power to linger on the Ethereal Plane, sense the living and undead, demoralize foes, and poison enemies.

Aura of Despair: Every creature within 10 feet of you takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls, checks, saves, and weapon damage rolls. You can suppress or activate this ability as a standard action. Aura of despair is a mind-affecting fear ability.

Ethereal Watcher: At will as a move action, you can become ethereal (as if using the ethereal jaunt spell; caster level equals your effective binder level). You can remain on the Ethereal Plane indefi nitely if you take no actions, but you return to the Material Plane immediately after taking a move action, a standard action, or a full-round action. Once you have returned to the Material Plane, you cannot use this ability again for 5 rounds.

Ghost Touch: Your melee attacks can strike incorporeal creatures, and their normal 50% chance to avoid damage does not apply to your melee attacks.

Poison Bite: You gain a natural bite attack that deals damage according to your size, as given on the table below.

Size Bite Damage
Diminutive or Fine 1
Tiny 1d2
Small 1d3
Medium 1d4
Large 1d6
Huge 1d8
Gargantuan 2d6
Colossal 2d8

You add your Strength modifier to your damage roll. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Chupoclops’s sign.

Pounce: If you charge a foe, you can make a full attack, including a bite attack, at the end of the charge.

Soulsense: You notice and locate living creatures within 10 feet as if you possessed the blindsense ability. You also sense the strength and type of their life forces automatically, as if you had cast deathwatch. This ability is continuously active while you are bound to Chupoclops.