God of Crocodiles, Lord of Reptiles, River Master

Symbol: A crocodile's head with two green feather plumes on top
Home Plane: Outlands
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Fertility (especially of crops), Protection, Rain, Reptiles, Rivers, Water
Worshipers: Farmers; Scalyfolk; Any who need protection on the water, or who need water.
Cleric Alignments: Any Neutral
Domains: Earth, Hunger, Renewal, Scalykind, Trade, Water
Favored Weapon: Javelin

Cipactli is an ambiguous deity, at once a god of deadly creatures, and a god of fertility, danger and necessity both tied together in a manner that is most appropriate for the god of rivers. Reverenced by scalykind everywhere, Cipactli is also propitiated by those who depend upon rivers and similar bodies of water for their living, including river traders and farmers. Treated with respect, Cipactli's worship can bring great benefits, but if taken for granted, the crocodile god's favors can be just as easily turned to wrath.

Rivers are considered by many people to be a metaphor for life itself, and so it is unsurprising that Cipactli should require little of his worshipers beyond their respect. This makes Cipactli at once a highly useful deity, because of his willingness to assist almost anyone, but at the same time can make him a frustrating god to worship, because he does not play favorites. Even his clergy must take constant care on the rivers, and while regular sacrifices and offerings do help somewhat, there is never any guarantee that Cipactli will not change his mind.

The clergy of Cipactli take part in regular offerings to the river, including the reverence of crocodiles and other river-dwelling reptiles, which are considered sacred to the crocodile god. This does not prevent clerics of Cipactli from killing crocodiles and similar creatures, as good clerics will often make sure to protect others from these dangerous reptiles, though evil clerics might actively encourage blood sacrifices to the crocodiles. Ritual sacrifice of a crocodile is the highlight of a once-a-year ceremony performed by the high priest of a community, where the crocodile is then embalmed and interred like royalty. Cipactli's clergy are expected to ensure that communities do not interfere with the natural flow of rivers as they irrigate their fields, and work to provide water to all who need it, and protection while traveling on the rivers that are Cipactli's domain (though the more calculating among Cipactli's clergy often charge heavily for this water and protection). Besides this, Cipactli's clerics also act to defend scalyfolk whenever possible, and can sometimes act as go-betweens for communities of scalyfolk and other races, thus preventing conflict.