City Guards

Avalon Guard
Avalon Watch

Dressed in blue and gold, the City Guards patrol the streets of Avalon City. It is within New City that they spend their time in training areas designed most specifically for combat. There is an armory within that maintains the gear and a small smithing shop that caters directly to them. The city guards themselves come from all walks of life. Those who were born into families that had served previously, some who dragged themselves up from nothing for a higher purpose, and those who simply wanted a steady paycheck or the chance to legally assert their authority. As in all things, corruption has begun to weave itself in amongst the ranks, leaving behind a bad taste in some mouths. It is common knowledge that for a higher price, the city guards can be bought for protection, thus those of a more influential status have much better protection then those who are not, thus the Slums have the highest crime rate while other areas have very little to none.