Cobra S Hood

Dominating the northeastern, middle 'head' of Hydra's mainland, the deadly realm of the Cobra's Hood is the home of the yuan-ti. Elsewhere in the world, the yuan-ti are a covert danger on the fringes of society, a cult striking from the shadows. But here, in the Cobra's Hood, the yuan-ti rule, giving a good taste of what life will be like for all should they accomplish their designs for covert conquest and subversion.

The lands of the yuan-ti are made up of many smaller city-states and plantations, ruled by the "chosen," or those who have been transformed by their dark deity into snakelike form. The highest ranks of yuan-ti society are only available to those who have achieved the most snakelike forms, but there is much room for social climbing and maneuvering at each level, and so many of the yuan-ti are constantly seeking to bring down their rivals with dirty deals and strikes in the back, both metaphorical and literal. However, this is simply to keep the skills of the yuan-ti sharp, training against each other so that they will be ready to face outsiders with equal fury - the yuan-ti are astonishingly cold-blooded about their internal affairs, and seldom hold grudges or seek revenge for being outmaneuvered. They have far more important things to do than to go to open war against their own race. The clergy of Apophis (also called Apeps), dark snake deity of the yuan-ti, are considered apart from all of this, their chief goal being to focus the efforts of the yuan-ti to dominating all other races. It is the clergy of the yuan-ti that keep them focused, turned always towards dominating the rest of the world as they have dominated the Cobra's Hood.

Daily life in the Cobra's Hood is fairly routine, and is usually similar to life in other places, except that almost all labor is done by slaves, and there is the constant danger of a yuan-ti or favored free human taskmaster deciding to lay down the law of the whip, or take advantage of a slave's position of weakness for amusement. Because of this, there is a constant sense of ominous, overhanging danger in the lands of the Cobra's Hood. No true rest is possible here, not even among the yuan-ti, for there is danger on all sides, both from within and from without.

Major Races: Yuan-Ti; Humans; Scaleyfolk; Slaves (various races); Rodent beastfolk.

Government: Theocratic Meritocracy

Nation Alignment: Neutral Evil

Major Cities:
Sirithiss: The capital of Cobra's Hood, Sirithiss is located on the far northeastern coast of the long neck of land where the yuan-ti rule. With warm weather almost year-round, broken only slightly by a month or two of slightly cooler weather right after the rainy season, brought on by trade winds blowing from the east, Sirithiss is perfect for snakes and yuan-ti. These same trade winds keep the worst of the rains from hitting the city, so that it is not flooded out. Flat-topped roofs are common here, with many winding spires, and gutters for the rain to flow down (and also for yuan-ti to slide around while in small snake form). The city streets wind like a ball of mating serpents, the buildings tight-packed and crowded - the claustrophobic feel that most humans get from such close quarters is soothing to the yuan-ti, and they care little for the troubles of their lessers. All of Sirithiss is built on a gently-sloping hill, and at the top of this hill, at the center of the city, is the temple of Apophis, which serves the functions of physical, religious, and civic center of the city, and the center of yuan-ti culture and subversion worldwide. The temple of Apophis also has a school for psionic training, and many from all nations come here for top-notch training, though the prices are very expensive, and there is a great danger of being "tagged" for watching by yuan-ti spies, to say nothing of various efforts to recruit students to the religion of the yuan-ti. The port of Sirithiss does regular business with unscrupulous nations across the world, and is the site from which many covert operations into other nations launch.

Hyksos: In the rough middle of the long neck where Cobra's Hood is settled is the city of Hyksos. Like most yuan-ti cities, it is based on a sprawling, tight-packed set of buildings, and its central point is a massive temple to their dark deity, which also serves as a civic center as well as a religious center. Hyksos is different, in fact, from other cities of the yuan-ti only in its size, as it is the single largest city of the yuan-ti on Therafim. While it is not the seat of religious power, that role taken by the far better-situated city of Sirithiss, Hyksos is widely considered to be the central civic power of the Cobra's Hood, ensuring that all the many little yuan-ti plantations and city-states work together and keep with the program set by the clergy. The ruler of Hyksos is always a powerful psionic user, called the High Inquisitor, one who is able to probe the minds of other yuan-ti and free humans for loyalty to the cause, and willingness to serve in any capacity. In this way, the yuan-ti ensure loyalty to their dark god at all times, as well as gathering potential servants for the cause wherever they might be found in Cobra's Hood.