The Avalon Coliseum has been the host to regular games since shortly after the city’s foundation. It has gone from a simple open field to massive stone coliseum capable of holding thousands of screaming spectators. And events happen regularly to keep those spectators coming in.

The events range in the type as well. Everything from salves fighting in matches to the death to gladiatorial matches (almost entirely non-lethal, when among people anyway) to full blown knightly tournaments to a grand tournament where regular folk have a shot at huge prizes are run here regularly.

Gladiator matches happen almost weekly. The gladiators, men and women who are a slaves until they’ve earned their freedom, fight against one another for the entertainment of the masses. Usually, these aren’t to the death. Sometimes, when certain creatures and monsters are brought in, the matches are a bit livelier. In those matches, anything goes and they are always to the death, one way or another.

Twice a year, the city hosts massive Games. Anyone can enter and all matches are single elimination. Despite being entirely non-lethal, the contestants can be and often are seriously bruised or injured in the matches. The Games take the entire day, whittling down the hundred of entries to the final few. The winner is awarded a massive purse, while the 2nd and 3rd runner ups are given minor prizes.

The Tourney’s happen quarterly. Any knight (Paladins are given honorary title for such an event using the assumption that they are knights of their respective deities) from anywhere in Therafim are allowed entry to the Tourney. And quite a few show up. The knights choose which competitions they enter. No magic powers, divine abilities, or supernatural effects are allowed as they would sully the honor of the Tourney. The rules and codes of the Tourney are based on the knightly codes of chivalry; they are strictly followed. The purses for these Tourney aren’t huge but they certainly keep the knight who earns them happy for a little while.