Competition Is Rewarding

DM Name: Theron/ScalyBrian supervised by Dahlia and others.

Kayrel, catfolk/beastfolk cloister cleric, level 4
Galen, Level 2 Monk, Human
Xel, Avariel Warlock, level 2
Kaotaka, Level 4 Beastfolk SS2/B1/F1
Reidi , Level 1, Crusader 1, Bovine
Tialys, High Elven Sorceress 2

1 Half Ogre Barbarian, The Brute CR6
1 Human Cleric, The Countess CR5
10 Human Brigands CR2
1 Human Lookout CR1

1471 for level 4 chars,
1542 for level 3,2,1 chars

1,100 gold pieces each

Quest Summary: A number of adventurers were once again lured into service with The Commerce Guild by an offer of wealth. It was explained to the party that their skills were needed to eliminate the last remnants of a criminal cartel's network holed up in a safe house in the warehouse district. The party accepted the terms and were deputized for the task.

The party immediately spotted one of the Cartel's lookouts upon him giving the warning signal to the safehouse. The Cartel's men then witnessed the party brutally accost and capture the Lookout. They made all preparations for the hideout to be assaulted and waited. The party approached, hoping to use a ruse to lull the cartel into false security but it was too late for that; the cartel's trap was sprung and the party was forced to find new ways in as the doorway was set aflame and crossbowmen began to shoot at them in the street from the second floor. Kaotaka leaped to the second floor and climbed in, dispatching those in his way quickly. Reindi battered down the front door, skillfully avoiding being burned by a hastily made oil trap. Once inside Kaotaka made his way about the building as Reindi leaped to a balcony where the cartel's leader, a woman of noble bearing called The Countess was waiting. She revealed her trap when the Bovine stood before her, switching places with her best thug, The Brute. The Brute nearly killed Reindi with one blow before turning his attention to the door where Kaotaka was trying to beat his way in. Outside Kayrel talked the remaining brigands into giving up the fight and they abandoned the burning building.

An epic fight broke out between The Brute and the party centered around Kaotaka, and Tialys was nearly killed in the melee. However with teamwork and grit the party pulled together and even managed to save Reindi the Crusader as he laid at death's door.

The Commerce Guild was disappointed to discover The Countess had escaped but paid in full for the wrecking of the Safehouse as the City Guard rounded up the stragglers who had escaped the conflagration.