Contrary Contraband Double Trouble

Quest Title : Contrary Contraband Double Trouble

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Silarus, 2nd, Cleric/Sorc, Half-elf
Layla, 2nd, Wizard, Changeling
Echo, 4th, Ftr/Warblade, Human
Damien Redd, 4th, Rogue/Swashbuckler, Beastfolk(Raccoon)

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
First: Eight Manes(CR 1, total CR of encounter: 4)
Second: Two Legion Devils(CR 3, total CR: 4)
Third: Two Rutterkin Demons(CR 3, Total CR: 4)

Silarus: 1500 XP
Layla: 1500 XP
Echo: 1400 XP
Damien: 1400 XP

Silarus: 1500 GP, 1 potion of CLW
Layla: 1500 GP, 1 potion of CLW
Echo: 1500 GP, 1 potion of CLW
Damien: 1500 GP, 1 potion of CLW

Quest Summary:
The troubling plague of devils of late has been somewhat quiet. Suspecting that not all is yet well with the city, the guards organized a surprise series of inspections, all on the same day, for various seedy areas of the docks and slums, and even the undercity, in numbers. Adventurers were hired..and the party encountered resistance of a troubling sort in one warehouse. Demons, -and- devils, though likely not working in tandem. Notes found on the scene speak as if the demons were newly arrived to the city, and had found devils there…or perhaps the other way around? Either way, it requested aid in the form of more demons to fight off the devils, and referred to a 'Lord of the Infinite', though even to scholars, that name means nothing.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien