Contrary Contraband Part One

Quest Title: Contrary Contraband Part One

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Rodur Ogrecrusher, Dwarf, Warblade, 1st
Hadrian, Half-elf, Lurk, 1st
Fei Yen Wong, Human, Warblade, 1st
Layla, Changeling, Hexblade, 1st.
Sanori, Human, Wizard, 2nd.

4 CR-1 Hobgoblin Fighters(1st level)
2 CR-2 Hobgoblin Fighters(2nd level)

Rodur: 500 XP
Hadrian: 500 XP
Fei: 500 XP
Layla: 500 XP
Sanori: 500 XP

To be determined later! (Next session will INCLUDE this session's loot, and rewards if appropriate.)

Quest Summary:
(OOC note: Overseer refused to let up for this entire session. Party fumbles, monster crits, player misses, constant.) The adventurers were hired to clear out a 'smuggler's trail' and eliminate all contraband-toting miscreants they found. They discovered a band of six hobgoblins with a wagon of illicit necromantic/devilish supplies not too far outside the city. The fight almost finished three of the party, but victory was won by a slim margin, and healing potions were found in the cache. The party has the opportunity to continue onwards…