Contrary Contraband Part Three

Quest Title: Contrary Contraband Part Three

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Rodur, 3rd, Dwarf, Warblade
Damien Redd, 1st, Beastfolk, Rogue
Fei Yen Wong, 3rd, Offworlder Human, Warblade
Garry Greybeard, 1st, Human, Wizard
Rosalyn Aglaie, 1st(+2), Half-fey human, Cleric

1st: 4 'Legion Devils' slightly toned down to reduce their 'collective bonus CR', so CR 3 apiece. (CR for encounter: 5)
2nd: 1 Bearded Devil

Rodur: 1080 XP
Damien: 1080 XP
Fei Yen Wong: 1080 XP
Garry: 1080 XP
Rosalyn: 1080 XP

EDIT: thanks for being patient, guys! :D Have at!
Rodur: 1000 GP
Damien: 1000 GP
Fei Yen Wong: 1000 GP
Garry: 1000 GP
Rosalyn: 1000 GP

Quest Summary:
The Avalon City Guard planned on a 'sting' operation of sorts, capturing some of the illicit traders who were buying up all the contraband magical supplies being smuggled into town. The players arrived on the scene in what should have been good time, only to find there was an unpleasant welcome waiting. Four odd soldier-devils, whose bodies vanished on being slain, <and who all died at the same time, despite a grievous blow struck to ONE of them..> and a bearded devil within, toying with the bodies of the guardsmen who had been there, undercover. The city guards would have to investigate this further…