contrary contraband undercity excursion

Quest Title: Contrary Contraband Undercity Excursion

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

name level race class
Ayda Kamon, 4th, Beastfolk(bunny), Psion
Victor Silas, 4th, Human, Warlock
Damien, 2nd, Beastfolk(Raccoon), Rogue1/Swashbuckler1

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1st: 2 Legion Devils(Cr 4) + 1 Kyton (CR 6)

2nd: 2 Legion Devils(CR 4) + 1 Kyton (CR 6)

3rd: 1 Legion Devil(CR 3) + 2 Bearded Devils(CR 6 total)

Ayda Kamon: 4000 XP
victor Silas: 4000 XP
Damien: 4500 XP

EDIT: loot math is hard. :(
Ayda Kamon: 4000 GP
Victor Silas: 4000 GP
Damien: 4000 GP

Quest Summary:
The guards have noticed the trend…an influx of sorcerous supplies, made to call devils and demons. Devils, previously unseen in Avalon, <let alone the prime material plane..> attacking guardsmen under disguise spells, slaughtering locals. Something serious was afoot..adventurers were hired again, this time to track down one of the local cult-like followings..using a scried-upon crate of supplies as their tipoff. The trail led the heroes to the city, or rather, the undercity, to a disreputable looking shop. After briefly discoursing with the shopkeep, the heroes sensed approaching devils on the street, and left, feigning that they were simple customers. The dim-witted demons were fooled, and got a nasty surprise when the heroes assaulted them! They were quickly felled, but a second wave appeared, that had hidden in the warehouse behind the shop..only to be dispatched by the adventurer's hastily planned tactics and strategy, and a fair bit of luck. The last batch fell prone to a grease spell, and, well…that was the end of that. In a stand-up fight, the heroes would have been hard pressed, but here, they had matched their foes, and gained handsomely in return.

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