Contrary Drow Part One

Quest Title: Contrary Drow Part One

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Raydair, 6th, Elf, Rogue/cleric/shadowbane-stalker
Virgil, 7th, Beastfolk(Foxkin), Rogue/assassin
Ariel Seolla, 7th, Human, Duskblade
Silk, 8th, Beastfolk(small feline), Monk/Psiwarrior
Aeron, 7th, Lightlost Human, Warblade

1st(and only, of this session): three CR 8 drow. Two warriors, one wizard.

Raydair: 100 XP<for rp, left early>
Virgil: 2400 XP
Ariel: 2400 XP
Silk: 1850 XP
Aeron: 2400 XP

To be determined later, possibly at the end of the arc.

Quest Summary:
The city guard is on the offensive! They've hired some adventurers to take on a mixture fact-finding/extermination mission in a drow enclave in the undercity, known to be demonworshippers, of lloth specifically. They've managed to sneak in with the aid of a very reluctant and downright ornery smuggler, and killed the first batch of high-level guards they came across. TO BE CONTINUED!

XP and REP awarded by Scathien