Aliases: Craig, Bub, Ole Steamer
Age: 30
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow, glowing (Red in Rage)
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 450 lbs
Race: Warforged
Class: Barbarian 1
Alignment: NG
Level: 1
Experience: 1475
Hit Points: 30/30
Gold: 1580
Current Status: Active
Diety: None
Played by Hyuuint

Imagine, if you will, an old warforged. Steam-powered, or so he seems. This guy is basically an old Ford truck: The kind that clanks and has a loud engine, but damnit there is few other trucks that have that kind of power for their age. He's about 8 ft tall, his inner gears are showing, and only one hand seems to work (left). However, he is a barbarian. And touchy about how he is in terms of mechanical age. He'll accept "antique", but call him "old", "ancient", "outdated", or something to that effect, the pipe on his head blasts out a gout of steam, followed by all his gears starting to go over-clocked. And that right hand turns out to be a pressure-launch mechanism for short-range fire. Thus, a permanently curled fist to the face from 30 paces. And he reloads with a spear. Thus, he is still able to fight close up (by switching out as he needs with a fist, or an axe, or a spear), and able to fire out what he wishes when he needs to.

One side of his head has a large pipe, from which blasts of steam emanate from every so often. This becomes a constant stream when he is really ticked of to the point of going overclocked. His armor-plating is seems old and rusted, with several parts showing off the gears and bits that move within him on a constant basis, but don't let this fool you. He is as hardy as he ever was before, though the plane-hopping he did sucked out some of his old abilities. He will get them back soon enough. What remains of his paint-job is a slight red color.

The right arm is a "cannon", so to speak, not unlike the spring-loaded missiles you would find on a toy, albeit much more powerful and dangerous. The standard fist allows the 1d4+str slam, and the other weapons would allow their standard damages as well. However, he would be unable to wield 2-handed weapons thanks to this. Further, the "launched" weapon would be the same as their normal strike, including the str mod, with a range of 30 ft. Without Rapid Reload, reloading is a standard action, full if using a shield in the left hand, or if switching weapons. Rapid Reload would then put the reload as a free action, and the others a standard action. For purchasing purposes, he would either have to donate one of his pieces as to allow a weaponsmith to get the idea for the locking mechanism on the end of the weapon, or he would need some expenditure in Craft (special) to be able to make more of his own.