Crank's Questionnaire

Questionnaire (COMPLETE)

Fame & Infamy

A: Appearance

1) Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. (Race?, Gender?, Age?, Size? Coloration? Attractiveness?, Dress? Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?)

Crank is a tall, well built warforged; his steel skeleton is layered thick with sinewy russet leather cords. Polished iron plating with brass covers most of his body, save for his neck, abdomen, and joints of his limbs. Cold iron spikes dot his body. His face is a stoic mask with a strong arching brow, and large almond shaped sockets, in which are set small hard gems that serve as his eyes. They glow with a soft orange light, brightening or dimming with the rise or fall in his energy, and changing color with his mood- becoming more yellow when disheartened or concerned, and more red when feeling threatened. A crest of rivets starts at his brow and runs over the top of his head all the way to the back of his skull. Just beneath the first rivet is a rune, his ghurla, a unique mark which all warforged have.

He wears some clothing, including a rugged leather vest and a belt, albeit more for their magical effects and the utility of pockets. He has specially tailored boots for warforged hands and feet.

2) What other details would someone notice on a closer look? (Distinguishing marks, birthmarks, scars, etc?)

Crank regularly undergoes regular maintenance to keep in top form, and is free of scratches or disrepair. There is a circular brass plaque depicting the Holy Sign of Umnos, The Lord of Time & Space carefully soldered onto his shoulder.

3) Do you have a distinctive way of speaking or any other mannerisms or memorable behavior?

Crank is efficient, practical, prepared, and disciplined; never one to panic nor anger easily. He has never been seen to raise his voice by those who would call him comrade, except to call anothers attention in the street or on the battlefield. Should tensions rise, he tries to act as a voice of reason, as much in the interest of others as his own companions. He is quiet, reserved, and gravely serious following a philosphy of 'forethought in all things', and a belief that if one is always serious, one will always be taken seriously.

He invests neither his time nor emotions in that which he believes cannot change. In his mind when tragedy or disaster strikes, one must move on rather than dwelling on it, and try focus on how to prevent it from happening again. If an event or consequence of an event is truly unavoidable, one must simply gracefully endure whatever hardship it brings.

Perhaps a flaw in his behavior, is the fact that he can be indecisive when put on the spot to make sudden judgements. He prefers to take the time to weigh all options, taking into consideration all reprecussions, and consequences. His decisions are well thought out, but making them can take considerable time. Though his speech is terse and to the point, he is never rude. Despite this, the former combined with his appearance and deep, raspy artificial voice can make him seem mean, unfriendly, or even scary to those that dont know him well.

B: Birth and Family

1) Where and when were you born? (Also good to include: Do you know your exact birthdate? Did anything unusual (storms, accidents, deaths, etc?) happen about the same time, with which some people might still associate your birthdate?)

Crank was 'made' not born in the Cho-Lin Empire. He was 'born' in his father's imagination. However, he still credits Umnos will with ultimately making it possible. He was completed in May of XX00. His creator-father never told him all the details of how it was done, but when he gained consciousness for the first time he remembers lightning and thunder like he never heard before (it was his first time hearing of course) or ever again.

2) Who are your parents? (Names, Occupations, Social class, Were they married?, Are they still alive? are all good things to include)

Crank is the the magnum opus of a traveling wizard of the "Marten" family. His creator spent his entire life collecting minor atifacts, creating wonderous items, and golems of all sorts. Most of it was dedicated to researching the creation of the rare living constructs, Warforged. Late in his life Marten finally succeeded in creating life, a 'son' he named Crank because the name was mechanical, and yet like the mechanism had a certain simplicity. Marten created Crank very late in his life, and passed away due to natural causes when Crank was only 7.

3) Do you have any siblings? (If so, it would be good to describe them as you did your parents above.)

Crank was not his father's only "child", but he was the only one gifted with human level sapience and free will.

4) Do you know any members of your extended family? (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins? Also would be good to describe them as above)

Marten was the first organic Crank knew. Though he lived with him for seceral years he met no blood relatives. Being so advanced in age, his parents were clearly passed away and any siblings just as old if they existed. Marten never spoke of them if any. He did mention that by creating Crank, he was finishing the work of his forefathers.

5) How did you get along with your family?

Crank served his father dutifully up until his fathers death. It was his reason for being, a purpose that he felt he had to fulfil until the very end. Crank never questioned him and admired his dilligence as a artificer of magical items, and fairness as a merchant. After his sudden natural death, Crank felt lost and without direction or purpose, or meaning of any kind.

C: Education and Work

1) Did you serve an apprenticeship in order to learn your current profession/class? For how long?

Yes and No (see below)

2) If you were not an apprentice, how did you learn your trade/skills/ect? Formal schooling? Informal Teachers? Self-Taught?

Crank was created with a basic in-born knowledge of his martial art. It was enough to protect his father and later others from bandits or thugs. After becomming a mercenary adventurer, he would encounter much more difficult opponents and would learn from experience. After The Great Siege he wondered what had happened that allowed so many outsiders to arrive under Umnos watchful eye. He sought out the ransacked temple of Umnos within Avalon, and assisted in restoring it to order. Needing few things to and already being wealthy, he didnt ask for any compensation. When it was complete, the warforged faithful joined the clergy. He did not know if he would take up adventuring life again. Later however, he was spotted by a member of a small Sacred Fist Order within the temple. Hearing of his valor and past heroism they offered him the opportunity to train with them, and join their organization.

3) Who was your master or teacher? (Race? Gender? Appearance? Personality?) Is he/she still alive? How were you treated? Are/Were you on good terms with your master?

Crank studied under many different theologians, some teaching dogma, others lore, and still more the beginnings of channeling divine magic. The Sacred Fist that saw potential in him was, Tasoula Terpsichore. She believed that as a Warforged he was one of Umnos chosen people, like Umnos Inevitables but meant to be a steward in this world and not distant Mechanus. Already a being free of many worldly wants and needs, she thought that he had the ideal state in which to lead an ascetic spiritual life.

As a teacher, Tasoula put her students through extraordinarily grueling training, expecting only the very best from them and that they expend every ounce of their mental and physical strength. Everywhere they went, they would be representing the whole group. Though Tasoula's trainees are expected to be able to take care of themselves, and the woman has calm if icy demeanor, underneath the surface she's something of a mother bear.

(Above-Tasoula's Fury; Tasoula's New Tranquility; Tasoula Summoning; Tasoula & Staniel in ceremony with ritual machina; Painting of A Visitation by one of Umnos Saints, a Half-Orc Paladin having transcended flesh and steel, as seen by the priestesses)

Tasoula is a human woman in her early 40's, though you'd never guess. She looks athletic and youthful, with her hair put in twists and immediately stands out from the crowd-head and shoulders in fact, for while she may be well proportioned she's actually taller than most men in the street. She often wears foreign Cho-Lin fashions with sandals or sensible flats, but when she goes into combat she wears sturdy knee high boots that lace all the way up. She fights with a cold tactical mind, and never alone, having vested her power into Umnos Summoner Domain, binding other creatures to her will. When she speaks it's with confidence, firm and authoritative. Though she seems cold and distant on the surface, behind her eyes there's a fire. And sometimes she will tell you of that 'old blood' that still stirs in her.

Born and raised among The Silver Eyed Witches, she knew a life of sailing, pillaging, and slaving. She wore here hair long and red in those days, dyed with the blood of aquatic elven children. She was a fierce woman with a short fuse who preffered to solve most issues not with the point of a sword, but with her fists-it was satisfying and less messy than hacking some man to bits.

Tasoula spent years under the sail until her temper got the best of her, and she gave the wrong Amazon a black eye. Tasoula would have been executed by her captain, but she abandoned ship and lie adrift without provisions until she washed up on an island. Rather than be marooned, it was actually inhabited; albeit there were tribes of cannibal haflings, most of the island was under the control of the Wheelright Guild and run by gnomish engineers. Tasoula signed onto the first ship out of there where it brought her to The City of Bridges. There she found a new mercenary life, but she was not alone. On the way over she met an Umnos faithful, Staniel Sargeist-a cleric that was doing divine work. He was charged with locating and sealing breaches into their world, as well as doing contract work to raise money for the church. Tasoula thought he was "too damn preachy", but comming from the culture she did, she understood the sworn bond between a mortal and another entity. Deciding it would be to her advantage to have someone like Sargeist around, she threw her lot in with him and the two would travel together for several years.

Over time, after seeing how he always maintained an inner tranquility, she gave in and started listening to Staniel's of 'order' and 'balance' and began to lose her chaotic tendencies, and gain control over her emotions and as she saw it her life. In her time with her sisters she had more than a few slaves, and went through more than a few too. She realized that she had to master herself, before she could master anyone or anything else. Later she began to study the divine way, and learned to blend divine magic into her normal style of combat. Individuals would within the temple would seek her out, hoping to learn from her, and together with them she would found the first Sacred Fist Order within Avalon's Temple of Umnos. She accepted anyone as long as they followed her rules and kept to the standards of the ascetic life.

After spending years with her Staniel asked Tasoula to be his wife. She felt she owed him for setting her on the path that changed her life. So long removed from The Silver Eyed Witches what would it mean to break their ultimate taboo? There was no threat of severance, it had already come and gone. She would give him a child, but she was still an Amazon- she'd never be servile to him, they'd be equal and she'd keep her name, Tasoula Terpsichore.

Warrior Therapist
Tranquil Fury
Mama Bear
Training From Hell

Statuesque Stunner
Amazonian Beauty

4) Did your teacher have any other apprentices or students? Who were they? Did you get along?

Within Umnos clergy Crank would meet very different people- from those who sought to bring justice for the greater good with fairness and diplomacy, to those who brutally enforced Umnos' order upon others because that was 'how it was meant to be' or simply because they enjoyed punishing people. The former didnt seem so important to his Teacher, and though the latter still resonated with her-she had no interest in church politics or climbing the ladder.

Nonetheless, it was profound for Crank how Umnos would accept both the good and the evil, so long as it upheld the greater cosmic law. No side should become too powerful, and at once no side should be wholly obliterated-only humbled and reduced, put in its proper place. There were Holy Wars between different religions, but never within them for on Therafim there is far less ambiguity about what the gods do and do not want, as they are an active and very real presence.

A temple divided against itself could not stand, but it would continue on so long as it did not conspire against itself or the natural world. Crank respected this, and they respected him, but he wondered about what they did outside the temple walls. All of them were sworn to uphold Umnos' Order, but as divine followers, the individual associations and organizations had their own codes they were expected to follow-codes and oaths that if broken would result in them being stripped of their divine grace or their honor. Gray and Black Guards, Sacred Fists, Clerics and even unordained Knights and Monks all had codes to which they kept. It wasnt so much what the promise was, but rather demonstrating the discipline to keep to it and the belief in a structure, something more than just feelings or doing whatever one wanted.

5) Due to the rarity of literacy in this setting, how important are books, writings, letters, ect. to your character? Regardless as to whether or not he/she can read?

Crank was born or rather created literate from the outset. Most people being illiterate and always being on the road with his father, he found little time to read- albeit he saw the obvious utility in being able to understand or convey messeges through the written word. Much later though, he began to study the Codices of Umnos, and text became a gateway into understanding his deity and himself. He felt as if it was a form of training or exercise he had neglected in his past journies.

6) Do you have a job other than "adventurer"? Who do you work for? How much of your time does this require?

Crank has little need for money, the want of a job is more out of something to do. On and off he sought jobs as a guard wherever needed, but recently he has learned a little in mechanics and found a place both in the gnomish wards and maintaining the devices in the Temple of Umnos - but professionally he has become a cartographer, demonstrating some skill as a mapmaker.

D: Friends

1) Who were your friends as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult?
2) How many of these people are still alive? How many are you still friends with?
3) Who is/was your best friend? What is the most memorable thing that the two of you ever did together?
4) What do you look for in a friend?

Crank did not really have a 'childhood' exactly, and while he met many organics in his travels with his creator-father and later in his two years of wandering after his death, the people he met were mere aquaintances. The first friend he ever had was a young orphaned woman, who had been taken in by the Cassius family. He met Yuria Townsend while working for wizard and alchemist Lucius Cassius and his sister Servia, a cleric and community supporter. Concerned by those who tried to court his sister, and a 'break in' by Lyle Probossi, Crank was assigned as guardian-especially over 'little Yuria', albeit the girl was 16-just comming of age among humans. Crank spent a great deal of time watching over her, and she-seeing Lucius and Servia as her elder Brother and Sister rather than parents, saw Crank as a brother too.

When she went missing taken while she was with Servia in the markets, Lucius blamed him as a failure. Ordinarily he would always be by the side of one or the other, but he still made and fulfilled mercenary contracts and was set to sortie that day. He did note to himself that Luna, a slave-warrior that also served the Cassii could have been there too, but he did not make the excuse. Crank had never failed to protect anyone before, not since he failed to protect his father from Final Death-but that was the natural order, and there was no fighting that. Crank quit the Cassius home and swore never to return until he had found Yuria or she had been found by someone else.

During his search, Angeliano- a friend of the family found him in the Arcadia inn and attacked him, citing that he 'could have been reprogrammed'. Crank was hurt by the notion that anyone would believe he was simply 'programmed' to do things, with no will of his own, but even more so by the notion that he would deliberately conspire against her when he had helped Servia fight the Syndicate and others like them. When protecting innocent children in the city park, he nearly gave his life as he was almost slagged by an anarchist druid and his summoned creatures. He was so badly damaged that he did not come online again until repaired by Griswold, the first other warforged he met-one to which he feels he is in debt. He didnt do it because he was programmed to do anything, he made the concious choice to fight the chaos and wanton violence brought against their community.

Gabriel Aldrecen, Quintus Marius, Ariara, and Tammuz Talwar-Kadath intervened. The latter was not all trusted by many for his forays into questionable magic, but he proved himself to Crank that night. Later when he was collecting personal accounts of The Great Siege for posterity, Crank was happy to assist him. Fortunately, though Crank was heavily damaged, Angeliano submitted, falling to his knees, actually in tears. Crank was just glad Angeliano had gained control again, and that things were once again governed by reason and fair hearing. Yuria came home eventually, but she would not speak of exactly what had happened, but he had his suspicions.

During the Great Siege he would come to know many brothers and sisters in arms as they fought to quell the undead uprisings and demonic incursions. They would even travel twice with Servia's assistance into The Abyss to attempt to rescue others that had been captured.

5) Have you ever been in love? Was it reciprocated? Do you have (or have you had) a boy -/girlfriend, a lover, or a spouse? More than one? Are you looking for one? What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Crank has never been 'in' or 'out' of love, his notion of love is different from that of many. If asked, Crank would profess that he loves all people the way that Umnos so loves the world. Umnos' Order, Fairness, Justice, are the best way he could show his love like a guardian or dutiful father over all creation. Umnos and Matra love all Therafim, and the Will of The Watcher is for the well being of all.

Marten instructed him in many small things. The most important thing he taught him was that Loving was to unconditionally seek and foster the good and well being in others. This is not a sentiment or feeling, but instead a willful and moral choice. Illianwen and Jerecketh, an elven couple tried to convince him otherwise, saying that "Love is more then deciding that you want to see the person in good health and happy. It's a feeling. You're drawn to them. You want, with all your heart and soul, that their life is a good one you get to share." In response he stated, "Feelings can change, can they not? It can happen for any number of reasons, for a short time, or for a long time. Who knows why that feeling arises? As that feeling waxes, so may it wane-albeit it will return as all things do. Much of existance is cyclical. In the meantime, what keeps them together? There must be a promise even if unspoken, to a dedication to love even through difficult times."

They suggested he read more Romance novels. Romance' as organic beings know it can change for any number of reasons, being a chaotic thing. Having observed many organics he wa sure of this. People fall in or out of Romance. But people cannot not fall in or out of Love, because is a conscious choice and a promise made. This is why you can love anyone, even your enemies and why love cannot fade if you have chosen it. Love is not always kind, or gentle but it is always an oath upheld for anothers well being, even if they do not want it.

"Perhaps this is one of those things where you would be better off just nodding your head and accepting it.", the elf said. Crank did accept that there were many ways of looking at things, but it was because of that fact that while he didnt argue the point any further, he didnt accept it. It was a mark of intelligence to entertain an idea without accepting it, and he appreciated their perspective, but to him-his own held up better.

Those who are in Romance might not Love each other at all, and might hate others or do them injustice. When Romance fades or waxes or wanes with time or age or other forces in an ever changing world, Love remains and those who grow old together are like brother and sister. Love might be accompandied by Romance or physical intimacy, but those are not Love in and of themselves and should not be mistaken for such. Marten did not imbue his son with the passions organics know, but seeing as he was a free being, who knows what he might become in time under the Watch of Umnos? His father said he did it with the intention of his son being a brother to everyone.

"This is a world on fire, my son. It is a harmonious forge of life. All around you there are burning places, and burning people. Some of them burn with hatred or anger, and others with fruitless passions. Men of all races must set the world on fire, so that it all burns with the fire of Love. If you burn with this my son, and show dedication through light and darkness, you will not be consumed, but be tempered and made ever stronger."-Marten

E: Attitudes and Beliefs

1) What are your beliefs about religion and the afterlife? Do you follow any particular god or gods? What appeals to you most about this religion? Least?

Crank is a devout follower of Umnos. He has a special connection to him, because Umnos was responsible for adopting them when they arrived on the promised land of Therafim. It was in this world that they awakened to full sentience, and were infused with a new source of life that saved them from withering until they shut down. They once had bodies of the old world from which Humans also came, but they were changed.

2) Where do spirits of nature, the elements and the dead fit into these beliefs?

All spirits and planar beings are apart of those worlds, and all planes, four elements, shadow, positive and negative combine together in a delicate balance that keeps this world in order. It is important that these beings are kept in order and not allowed to run wild.

3) What gods, religions, or priesthoods will you have nothing to do with?

Crank wants nothing to do with The Dark One. While individual followers or sects of deities may do or not do many things, The Dark One raised an Abyssal army and attacked Avalon directly. It was his direct command, followed not only by mortals but by extraplanar forces sent directly into this world. It was almost as bad as if The Dark One had set foot in Avalon himself and raised his own hand against them. In truth, it is held that The Dark One does walk Therafim as well as the Outlands, making him the ultimate violation of Umnos' Edict that no god set foot on Therafim.

4) What is your moral code? Under what conditions will you kill? Steal? Lie? Do you have a personal code of behavior about violence? Magic? Sex? Dealing with Evil Beings?

When he is met with lethal force, Crank returns with the same, but otherwise he sees no need for violence. He always sees it as open for foes to surrender or attempt negotiation. Magic is apart of the universe, and while some magic may be seen as 'evil', all of it can probably be justified when used at the proper time and in the appropriate situation.

During The Siege though, his morality and bond with his comrades was tried. A woman had been severely injurred by undead, so much so that her internal organic components were visible and some even falling out-but she still lived. In the middle of a street even as civilians were running about in terror, there arouse a heated argument so much so that they nearly came to blows. Baagh ranger Darrion wanted to help her to safety and Frogkin Paladin Vlad wanted to heal her but had already expended the limits of his divine power. Druid Shyrindi the woman as a lost cause and said that 'nature' willed that she die, and that finishing her would be a mercy. Cordy he was the cleric among them didnt know whether she should use what power she had to heal her, or keep it in reserve for the long battle ahead.

This went on for several tense moments and weapons were pointed at one another until Loxiphant mercenary and experienced soldier Gajendra settled the matter. He was a man of some military experience and then and there established that he was to lead them. With a swing of a heavy flail he crushed the dying womans skull and demanded they show discipline. Crank was at once appaled, but understood that they could not allow one person to cause sow so much dissent between them when many, many more people were dying as they spoke and they were the only group able to do anything about it. He accepted that sometimes such choices had to be made for the greater good in desperate times. Crank did not think he could have ever made such a decision himself, but he supposed that was why Umnos allowed both the white, the gray, and even the black hearted within his own order. Sometimes there choices that only a few had the heart to make.

5) How committed are you to seeing through something (a task, quest, bargain, etc) that you have started?

If Crank sets out to do something he will see that it is done if its a just cause, unless it turns out to be wholly outside of his ability. In that case he will find a new way to approach the situation.

6) How important are the following to you?: Power, Wealth, Fame, Honor, Family, Friends, Love, Knowledge, Religion, Your job? To what lengths would you go to acquire or preserve these things?

1. Honor
It is ones honesty, fairness, trustworthyness, and integrity in one's beliefs and actions.
2. Love
It is to seek and foster the well being in our communities and the world. It is a concious moral choice, which when made is a sign of honor. One cannot love if one is dishonorable.
3. Religion
The gods of this world have set forth laws. These are cosmic laws unlike the law of mortals, which transcend all nations. They govern mortal life. If one is to love live as decreed , one must have honor and discipline.

4. Friends
Friends are one's comrades and compatriots, spiritual brothers and sisters. The bonds of time and experience are stronger than blood.
5. Family
One's family is one's blood, and one owes certain things to them and holds certain responsibilities.
6. Knowledge
Understanding will improves one's life and give insight into many things. One should judge on past precedent, and so knowledge of history is important.

7. Job
Work is not merely something one does to support oneself, but what one does to support one's community. It may be seem ideal to have 'fun' all the time, but living that kind of life is neglectful.
8. Power
Power is the ability to do things, physical, or political, it comes in many forms. Power or might is valuable, but the knowledge of how to apply it is more valuable. One does not need to be powerful to make a difference or be valuable or servicable to one's god, people, friends, or family however.
9. Fame
Fame is renown. Sometimes it is a sign of ones honor and may bring good things to oneself, one's fellows, and one's family. It does not always however. While it may be attained, it should be a side effect, not the goal of ones actions.

10. Wealth
Wealth like power can be used to do many things. However, being wealthy is not necessary to live a 'wealthy' life. Men who are rich often lead lives that are empty, and become angry over the small gains or losses. Wealth should be put to utilitarian purposes, and although it may be used to beautify and enhance many things, extravagance and glitz without function is wasteful.

7) How often do you remember your dreams? How much attention do you pay to them? Do they inspire you? Guide you? Inspire You? Warn you? Frighten You?

As a warforged Crank does not sleep (although he must go into a standby for 4 hours a day best likened to elven trance) , and so he does not dream. He understands Umnos tried dreaming once and thinks it is because of that experience, that he did not see fit to give Warforged the capability.

8) What is your attitude towards magic? People who use it? Fearsome monsters? The unknown in general?

Magic, divine or arcane is a force that can be put to many uses. It is not good or evil, but it is not alway appropriate to use it in all situations. There are many dangerous creatures in this world, but those that are natural beings should not be hunted to extinction simply because they are fearsome-but only as much as is necessary to support oneself with food and security.

F: Edges and Flaws

Crank is efficient, practical, prepared, and disciplined; never one to panic nor anger easily. He has never been seen to raise his voice by those who would call him comrade, except to call anothers attention in the street or on the battlefield. Should tensions rise, he tries to act as a voice of reason, as much in the interest of others as his own companions. He is quiet, reserved, and gravely serious following a philosphy of 'forethought in all things', and a belief that if one is always serious, one will always be taken seriously.

He invests neither his time nor emotions in that which he believes cannot change. In his mind when tragedy or disaster strikes, one must move on rather than dwelling on it, and try focus on how to prevent it from happening again. If an event or consequence of an event is truly unavoidable, one must simply gracefully endure whatever hardship it brings.

2) What flaws do you have? Bad habits? Obsessions? Terrible (or embarrassing) secrets?

Perhaps a flaw in his behavior, is the fact that he can be indecisive when put on the spot to make sudden judgements. He prefers to take the time to weigh all options, taking into consideration all reprecussions, and consequences. His decisions are well thought out, but making them can take considerable time. Though his speech is terse and to the point, he is never rude. Despite this, the former combined with his appearance and deep, raspy artificial voice can make him seem mean, unfriendly, or even scary to those that dont know him well.

3) Do you have any enemies? How much trouble do those conflicts cause you?

Crank currently posseses no outright enemies. He has had conflicts with others however in the past, notably with another warforged swordsman, HK -who made the assertion that the gods probably did not exist and that even if they did neither Crank nor himself had 'souls' of any kind. He called Crank 'defective' for acting or believing he was anything like those 'meatbags'. Crank was fairly certain HK was a hypocrite, because it all seemed to have started almost immediately when he first came across HK with a female organic and all Crank did was try to be friends with both of them. From then on HK never missed an opportunity to put him down, but Crank never stopped trying to understand him and convince him otherwise.

G: Likes and Dislikes

1) What do you love? (People? Places? Creatures? Kinds of Food? Activities? Subjects?)

Crank enjoys geography and the study of peoples. He often spends time when not working just quietly observing organics in all their variety.

2) What do you hate? How do you typically react to these hated things?

Hate is a strong word. He tries his very best not to hate anyone, but the thing he dislikes most are those like HK and Angeliano who assert he is not on the same level as full organics. He feels hurt by such prejudice, but has never acted out against anyone for it.

3) What do you fear? What is your worst nightmare?

Crank has been to The Abyss, and while he encountered fire and vast gulfs of shadow, and rutting demons, none of that compared to the second time when he and his party found themselves in a world that changed with ones every stray thought or feeling -pure chaos, that came from within. No peace. Beyond that, he also fears a world in which he really had no soul-but he doesnt believe in that world.

H: Miscellaneous

1) Describe your first encounter with a nonhuman monster. (Not counting player races, animals, etc that you grew up with, but feel free to mention them too)

Crank's first 'adventure'. if it could be called that, was passing by a home on the streets of Avalon and hearing a young couples pleas for help. He and Luna, slave of the Cassii family were on their way home after picking up some furniture. Their home had been overrun by dire rats the size of small dogs, what was more there were even more deadly ones with fiendish blood.

2) If you are a spellcaster, describe your first experience with using magic. What were the circumstances? Were you expecting it?

Crank spent much time meditating to learn how to cast his first divine spell. It was a profound moment for him, because while he had always been fascinated by the divine and arcane feats of his comrades he had never understood it. When Crank first learned to cast the Mending spell, he felt as if Umnos was right there, working with him, in him, and through him.

3) If you have an animal companion or familiar, describe how you acquired it. Describe this ally's personality, and its attitude towards you. (Loyal unto death, mischievous, lazy, etc)

Crank has been caring for a black heavy warhorse he named "Axle". He recieved Axle as a gift from a wealthy horse herder after his heard was attacked by giant armadillo like creatures. Crank pays for comfortable stabling and takes him out of the city where they run together each die, and he can have better food. Although Axle is very fast, Crank always catches up with him. Crank does not ride him however. Knowing he is an organic, if animal being, he has decided that perhaps one day before he is old, he will let him go wherever horses roam.

Crank also has a smaller pet, a ferret that seemed to keep following him around after exploring the woods. Since then Crank has adopted the odd little animal and named it "Winch."

4) If you have any unusual possessions, describe how you acquired them. Is their value practical, monetary, sentimental or some combination of these?

Hellbreaker Ying & Abyss Eater Yang

These were a pair of special nunchaku. The bars of each are about a foot long, a little big -intended for warforged hands of course. Each has a twisted grip, and though the full lenght of each bar is suitable for striking the end is wrought in a shape likened to half a gear with thick teeth. The silver of the pair has a faint engraving of stars, while the iron weapon was marked with runes of binding and grounding of energy, and was set with small diamonds. They were enchanted as a +1 Everbright Silver and +1 Magebane Cold Iron weapons.

Crank originally acquired them after a long night and early morning of fighting for hours after the cities initial invasion. He found he needed magic weapons after battling incorporeal spirits conjured by the enemy, and knew that it would behoove him to have weapons that could overcome the unnatural defenses of the demonic invaders. For their valor, Council Chairman Blacktree gave them special vouchers allowing them to purchase any materials from all of Avalon's merchants at half price if it would help them defend the her.

Later, when inducted into the Sacred Fist Order of Umnos, he realized he could never again wield them, for they were against the oath he was made to swore. At first he thought to keep them purely for sentimental value, or at least until he could find someone to bequeath them to. But then, Staniel Sargeist offered to take them promising he would find someone who would not only make use of the beautiful weapons, but treasure them.

Sargeist also promised he would forge crank something better, producing a magical set of large metal mala beads he called "Yamāntaka" It contains 108 beads of Silver, Cold iron, and Adamantine. There are 36 beads of each material, each set of 36 is divided into four sets of 9 engraved with a powerful rune of each principle of Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil. Each set of 9 is divided into three groups of 3 marked with a Claw, Fist, or Fang.

Staniel said it would function as a +1 Transmuting Necklace of Natural Attacks that would allow him to overcome any unnatural defense that could by defeated by a special material like cold iron or silver, type of blow like cutting or piercing, or even spiritual alignment-however its magic was not limited to these things. **IF* he could overcome his opponents normal armor, nothing would stop him. Only regeneration and the unimaginably powerful enemies resistant to all except weapons of legends and epics, OR those rare few whose defense was unsurmountable by all types of weapon.

5) Please describe your characters general background, this may be any length you wish, but at least one paragraph. You may use any or all of the information above, or new information not covered. (Encouraged)

A mage by the family name of Marten spent his entire life collecting minor atifacts, creating wonderous items, and constructs. Most of it was dedicated to the creation of the rare living constructs, Warforged. Late in his life Marten succeeded in creating life, a 'son' he named Crank because the name was mechanical, and yet like the mechanism had a certain simplicity.

For seven years, Crank dutifully served as his fathers bodyguard, protecting him and his research as he traveled the world. However, Marten the mage would fall to the one thing Crank couldnt protect him from, time. Dying in his sleep, Marten left this world and his 'son.' Crank became a wanderer, taking jobs where he could find them. But what would he want with money? He that doesnt eat or sleep? Crank knew that there must be more to 'life' for other races than just putting food on their tables and roofs over their heads. The journey he embarked on is one of self discovery, to find a new purpose.

For two years he would live that way until he came to The City of Bridges, that golden land of opportunities. He found a job for a time as a bodyguard, met new friends, and became something of an adventurer living through some of the most perilous times the city had ever known. In the aftermath he would find a place in service to his deity.