Dairy Of Doom

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Conall, level 4 offworlder human bard
Miro Everglade, level 1 aasimar bard
Dusky, level 2 catkin scout/ranger
Jonas Wellson, level 1 offworlder human paladin
Az Ur, level 4 changeling druid

CR 2 Search/Track checks
3 hyenas (CR 1 each, CR 3 total)
4 gnolls (CR 1 each, CR 4 total)
1 flind (CR 2)

Miro, Dusky, and Jonas: 570 xp for each
Az Ur and Conall: 520 xp for each

810 gp for each
2 cure light wounds potions (50 gp each) for each party member, made by the beastfolk they saved

Quest Summary:
The party were summoned by the Avalon City guard to go and check on a tiny beastfolk village that had almost entirely disappeared, except for a single ovida lamb-child, about ten, who had been hidden in a root cellar. The party investigated, and soon discovered that it was all the work…of gnolls! Led by a flind, and using hyenas as trained killers, the gnolls were shearing the sheepfolk, and milking the cowfolk, as the goods derived from beastfolk can fetch a higher price, to the right market, besides offering a ready food source for the cannibalistic hyenafolk. The party barged in and wrecked the gnolls' plans, though, and soon emerged victorious…though the flind managed to escape, tossing his flindbar behind him in sign of surrender.