Dark Discorperation

Warlock Invocation
Level: Dark, 7th
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Self
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: Yes

One with the powers of darkness, you learn to abandon your body. When you use this ability, you becomes a swarm of Diminutive, batlike shadows that fills two 10-foot squares (or eight
contiguous 5-foot squares, shapeable as you desire).
While in this form, the invoker gains the following:
a) may only take Move Actions;
b) Strength score becomes 1;
c) +6 bonus to Dexterity;
d) all Armor & Natural Armor bonuses to AC
are suppressed;
e) receive a +4 Size bonus to AC;
f) receives a Deflection bonus to AC equal to the invoker’s Charisma modifier;
g) Fly speed 40’ with Perfect maneuverability;
h) able to pass through openings as a Diminutive-sized creature could;
i) any creature in the invoker’s spaces at the end of the invoker’s turn takes 4d6 damage, which is treated as ‘magic’ and has the same alignment as the invoker;
j) any creature in the invoker’s spaces at the beginning of the creature’s turn is Nauseated for 1 round (FortNeg);
k) spellcasting within the invoker’s spaces
requires a Concentration check (DC = 20 + spell level);
l) all of the invoker’s possessions are absorbed into the swarm and have their abilities suppressed;
m)not subjected to critical hits, flanking, weapon damage, being tripped, grappled, bull rushed, etc.
n) immune to spells & effect that target a specific number of creatures (except for min-affecting);
o) takes +50% damage from area-of-effect spells;
p) not vulnerable to wind effects; &
q) if reduced to 0 hp or knocked unconscious, Dark Discorperation ends and the invokerends up in one of the squares he/she previously occupied.

(Complete Arcane, Page 134)