Darya Rescendant

Darya Rescendant

DM Name:
King_Jack (HelsbethDM)

Dahlia, Paladin 8
Aerybeth, Paladin 7
Stray, Cleric 7

Social exchange/challenge
Test of Might and Will(w 3xCR6's)

Experience Gained!:
Aerybeth 4600
Stray 4600
Dahlia 4000

A toga-style tunic of liquid silver. (+4 Resistance Bonus to saves, Torso Slot)

Embarking on a personal visit to the third gate of Celestia to plead for resurrection on the behalf of the Darya the Pure, the champions engaged in civil speech and made their formal request to the Yazata guarding the gate. A three-in-one legendary trio of minotaur. The minotaur agreed to allow them inside, pending a Test of Might and Will. Many powerful blows later, the champions stood victorious, and were rewarded passage through the gate, and the silvery toga of the Yazata as trophy. Through the gate, the heroes three took turns making their case to convince Darya to return to the mortal realm and take up again the cause of good.