Dat Ass

Dat Ass

DM Name:

Rhea Steelheart/Level 6 (4 Cleric, 2 Ordained Champion)
Hussam Arbouqa/Wizard 3, Master Specialist 3
Morius Felbrecht Quar'Valsharess / Ardent 2 /
Reid / Rogue 1/Swashbuckler 1
Spud/Barb2 Crusader 2/

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):

Total encounter CR6
Turkey Swarm
Honey Grain Tub Trap reflex vs being turkey nommed
Kitchen Guild Assassins
Assistant to the Assistant Soux Chef

Rhea Steelheart 1,150
Hussam Arbouqa 1,150
Morius Felbrecht Quar'Valsharess 1,450
Reid 1,450
Spud 1,450

1,375 gold per character
+1 ring of protection
+1 leather armor (white)
Boots of Leaping +5 jump checks
Gloves of Deftness +5 disable device checks
3x potions of cure light wounds
1x potion bull's strength

Quest Summary:
The Shocker Lizard from Wayside has moved to Avalon and somehow purchased a covered wagon out of which he runs a mobile kitchen. The 'intelligent' Shocker Lizard has been doing pretty good business lately and drawn the ire of some members of the so-called Kitchen Guild. The Kitchen Guild kidnapped Squeegi's donkey "Thor" and trashed his wagon in an attempt to run him out of business. The party has been tasked with rescuing Thor and may find that the rabbit hole runs quite deep… or, there's just crazy people in the city who do crazy things.

Exp awarded by Jennibear