Dealing with the Unknown

DM Name: Darkmask


Silarus: Level 4 Half Elf Cloistered Cleric Sorcerer
Fei Yen Wong: Level 6 Offworlder Warblade
Rosalyn Aglaie: Level 3(+2) Half-Fae Cleric of Tamara
Sihak: Level 5 Beastfolk, Barbarian
Zylos: Level 6 Human Fighter


1) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
2) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
3) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
4) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
5) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
6) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
7) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
8) Gravetouched Ghoul Broodling, CR 2
9) Gravetouched Ghoul Kython Impaler, CR 9


Silarus: 2240 EXP
Fei Yen: 1800 EXP
Rosalyn: 2000 EXP
Sihak: 2000 EXP
Zylos: 1800 EXP


Silarus: 2790 Gold
Fei Yen: 2790 Gold
Rosalyn: 2790 Gold
Sihak: 2790 Gold
Zylos: 2790 Gold

Quest Summary:

As the group met with the Scholar, they were worried, so far they have not only found the Kython hive itself, but discovered both corrupted and fiendish offspring of the horrible aberrant demons, and soon the Scholar would deliver more worrying news. It turns out there had been several sightings of beasts that resembled the description of the Kythons on the continent of Crescent, near Necropolis. Not only was this troublesome as this could mean the Kython's hive could me much, much larger than they had suspected, even crossing continents, but with the Kython's so close to the city of the undead, they could only imagine what could happen if the two societies met, or worse, found some sort of truce. Their task was clear, they would be teleported to the continent of Crescent, and investigate these Kython sightings.

They're gateway there was already paid for through the Scholar's benefactor, although it was a one-way trip, a gate back into Avalon was not able to be opened from Crescent, due to the fear of undead ruling the continent. They found themselves in the Jackalfolk city of Bonesnap, just south of the Necropolis desert, and would be heading north, right before Necropolis lied a swamp near the coast, known as the Miasmes des Mort, or more affectionately referred to as the "Undead Graveyard" due to the immense necromantic energies the area was tainted with.

In the Miasmes des Mort, the sky grew dim as dark clouds rolled overhead, seemingly enchanted over the marshlands in particular, it was there they located the abominations of Kythons, a swarm of Broodlings, surely nothing the group had not faced before. However, something was wrong, the beasts were foul smelling and moves with a gaunt, they were of the undead, and quite nasty. The party worked together to vanquish them, only for a voice to berate them, no owner of the voice to see, but it urged them deeper. Knowing they were walking into a trap they so did enter deeper into the marsh, finding a Kython they had not seen before, tall and sleeker than a normal adult, it too was afflicted with the undead taint, and lashed furiously at the party, paralyzing Fei Yen and spreading its foul disease onto Sihak before it could be felled.

With the horrible undead aberration turned to dust, its creator and caretaker make himself known, a tall beast of a ghoul in supple leather and eyes glowing green. The party stood their ground, however as the being introduced himself as Doresain, King of the Ghouls, Silarus was visibly shaken. A blight on the world itself and ruler of a layer of Hell had used the Kython was bait to call the adventurers researching them to strike a foul deal, It would appear that the Demon Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu, has sent Doresain as his vassal in hopes of striking a bargain with the adventurers: Under Yeenoghu's guidance they would hunt down and slaughter the leaders of the Kython, and in the void of leadership left behind, Yeenoghu would lead the Kython into the Abyss to join his expanding army. All but Sihak downright refused the King of Ghouls, they would make no deals with demons or undead, even though the Barbarian pointed out working the Demonic Prince could save lives and end the conflict they had with the Kythons quickly, they would not trust the dealings of a demon or his vassal. Surprisingly Doresain seemed unperturbed by this turn of events, promising to contact them again someday, and leaving some strange parting words, "By the way, be sure to give the Lady Cindara my 'fondest' regards for me, will you?"

As the party left to head back to Avalon they were filled with dread, each of them for their own reasons as questions danced in their heads … should they have taken the deal with Doresain? Why did the King of Ghouls talk to them directly instead of the Scholar of Lore? Just how big a threat did the Kython impose and could they overcome it? And, most mysteriously … who was this "Lady Cindara" and what role did she play in all this?

XP added by Scathien, REP awarded by Lisa