Deep Green Part 1

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Myr, level 8 changeling abyssal battle sorceress
Rodur Ogrecrusher, level 10 citadel dwarf warblade/battlesmith
Rosalyn Agliae, ECL 9 half-fae human cleric/radiant servant
Az Ur level 7 changeling cleric

Entangle Spell Trap (CR 3)
2 green half-dragon dire tigers (CR 10 each, 12 total)

Az Ur: 3,282 xp
Myr: 2,500 xp
Rosalyn: 2,110 xp
Rodur: 1,563 xp


  • 4,012 gold for each
  • Each party member selects any magic item(s) of 15,000 gp total value or less, found in the tigers' hoard.

Quest Summary:
The party received strange, anonymous cards, delivered through whatever means worked best for them, inviting them to help save a part of the Great Green of Autumn Land from a hungry green dragon that had moved into the area, disrupting the centaur tribes and otherwise tearing up the landscape for its own wicked ends. They met a red-haired, green-eyed matronly human woman (at least, she seemed human) who told them of the situation, and where the dragon was holed up. She also warned them of its pets, a pair of deadly dire tigers.

In this part, the party stumbled into an Entangle trap, and then had to do battle with acid-spitting draconic dire tigers! They almost went down in places, but somehow managed to turn the fight around, and came out on top. They also discovered the lair of the tigerdragons, and their modest hoard. Nothing like a true dragonhoard, of course, but still, quite nice indeed.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien