Deep in Dreams (part 1)

Deep in Dreams (part 1)

DM Name: Karrius


Loki, Ravenfolk Beguiler 1
Miro Everglade, Aasimar Bard 2
Jackson, Human Ranger 2
Marshal Serbry, Marshal 2
Dart Human Monk 1
Alizar Glasswing, Avariel Scout 1


Advanced Medium Zombie, CR 1
Human Skeleton, CR 1/3
Human Skeleton, CR 1/3

Cadella Cornings, CR 2 social encounter


All: 200 XP


All: 250 gp, 2x Potion of Cure Light Wounds

Quest Summary:

"Respected health professional seeks those of strong arm and mind in aid of his work. Must be able to come at summons at any time of day or night. Tasks will aid all citizens of Avalon, and participation will be greatly rewarded."

This is the notice that caused adventurers to gather in the office of Doctor Kablak, aged and with a thick Dwarvish accent, he explained the problem at hand. A demon he had been made aware of through mysterious means was causing horrible nightmares in the minds of innocent people under recent duress, causing them to lash out violently in their sleep. The group would be asked to travel into the mind of the demon's most recent victim through the use of a magic gem, and attempt to drive out the demonic force.

More than a little unsure for their well-being, they agreed to the quest, and soon found themselves in a dream-like dimension, a warped and twisted memory of a town being attacked by undead, people being slaughtered all around them. Even as a figment, the adventurers were not immune to the dangers, and soon came to face skeletons and zombies, fighting bravely for their lives and vanquishing the found abominations of nature from the man's troubled sleep. However, that was not the only threat they would encounter, as a demonic cloud descended upon them, amused by their antics. The cloud only made idle chitchat before vacating the mind of the man, stating he had no further use of this nightmare, allowing the adventurers safe passage back to reality.

After a short discussing of motives and conjectures, the party was allowed to leave, but not before being accosted by a rather impish and curious reporter named Candy. She desperately wanted to know the story at hand, however once she found out some minor details (the facts of the demon possession not being told in full) she decided the story was not newsworthy at the moment. She did however leave her contact, and insisted the heroes contact her, should anything particular interesting come up …

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien