Deep in Dreams (part 2)

Deep in Dreams (part 2)

DM Name: Karrius


Loki, Level 1 Ravenfolk Beguiler
Alizar glasswing, Level 1, Avariel, Scout,
Cerulean, Level 1 Half Elf Bard
Jackson, Human Ranger 2
Hannah, Human Psion 1
Miro, Level 2 Aasimar


3x Wolves (CR 1)

3x Wolves (CR 1)
Rough dream terrain (CR 1)

Sihak (CR 3)


All: 500 XP


All: 750gp

Quest Summary:

Once again, the party was called into the dream of a citizen of Avalon in order to stop a demon rampaging through nightmares. This time, a young girl had set her house afire in her sleep, killing her family and burning several other homes. Arriving to the scene, Doctor Kablak quickly explained the situation, and sent the group into the girl's dreams. There, they found themselves in the park in Avalon… only the park was more akin to a dense forest. Searching through it, they came upon a pack of happy puppies… which soon morphed into a gigantic image of Sihak, and other large beastfolk. Three of them turned into wolves and attacked the party - when they were quickly defeated, they found themselves playing a game of "Hide and Seek". The group searched frantically for the girl, finding her hiding up a tree, and managed to fight off yet more wolves that were attacking her. As they attempted to calm her, Sihak came crashing out of the woods - ganging up on him, the group managed to take him down. Waking up, they were then assaulted by Candy from the Chronicles, who seemed to have a very good idea of what was going on…

XP and REP awarded by Scathien