Deep in Dreams (part 3)

Deep in Dreams (part 3)

DM Name: Karrius


Alizar Glasswing, Level 1, Scout, Avariel
Hannah, Level 1 human psion
Jackson, Level 2, Ranger Human (hostage situation only)
Cerulean Level 2 Half Elf Bard
Loki Level 2 Ravenfolk Beguiler
Dart Level 2 human monk


Hostage Situation (CR 2)

4x Thugs (CR 1)

1x Lesser Bonedrinker (CR 4)


Alizar: 610 XP
Hannah: 610XP
Jackson: 100 XP
Cerulean: 610 XP
Loki: 610 XP
Dart: 610 XP


Jackson: 150 gp
All others: 550 gp, two Potions of Lesser Restoration

Quest Summary:

Once again called out to the scene of a dangerous dreamwalker, the group found themselves summoned not by Doctor Kablak, but by Sharpe, an employee of The Chronicle. Miss Cornings, the reporter they had talked to previously, had been taken hostage. Distracting the hostage taker, they managed to free her, and subdue the dreamwalker, just as the doctor showed up. Quickly entering the mind of the possessed individual, they found themselves in Avalon - the Avalon literally written in ink on the paper. Fighting off a group of criminals, they were then ambushed by a bonewalker - a mutated goblin that tried to drink Cerulean's bones. They managed to defeat it quickly, and were then transported out of the dream world, where they debated if they should attempt to let the demon grow stronger so that it might manifest, deciding against it for now.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien