Deep in Dreams (part 4)

Deep in Dreams (part 4)

DM Name: Karrius


Cerulean: level 2 half elf bard
Hannah: lvl 2 human psion
Loki: Level 2 Ravenfolk Beguiler
Alizar-Glasswing: Level 2 Avariel, Scout/Ranger
Dart: level 2 human monk
Miro Everglade: level 2 aasimar bard


Dream Demon, CR 4
Reaching prisoners, CR 1


All: 275 XP


To be awarded at end of quest chain.

Quest Summary:

Called yet again, the party was once more brought to a guardhouse, and entered the dungeons underneath. There, they met Doctor Kablak with the covered body of the latest dreamwalker, who explained that the newest 'victim' had mutated, and taken on vast physical changes. As he was explaining, the sleepwalker suddenly awoke, and ripped the doctor to shreds - what was once a man had become a monster, with distorted skin and razor sharp talons. Cornering them in the dungeon, the party fought fiercely as the other prisoners awoke, also possessed…

…only for the group to wake up in the boarding house that Doctor Kablak was staying in. They had been called by the guard there, when they passed out and experienced the dream. The guard had told them that the doctor had transformed, just like the victim in the dream did, murdered another boarder, and escaped into the night. Taking the doctor's posessions, the group then turned to the reporter Sharpe, who suggested that the doctor was the source of the demon, and had to be killed. The party debated, with some suggesting that with them posessing the doctor's crystal, they could enter his mind and free him. In order to give it a try, they put Cerulean to sleep (against her wishes) and entered the bard's dreams.

XP And REP Awarded by Scathien