Deep in Dreams (part 5)

Deep in Dreams (part 5)

DM Name: Karrius


Cerulean: level 2 half elf bard
Hannah: lvl 2 human psion
Loki: Level 2 Ravenfolk Beguiler
Alizar-Glasswing: Level 2 Avariel, Scout/Ranger
Dart: level 2 human monk
Miro: level 2 aasimar bard


Dream Demon, CR 5

Dream Demon, CR 5


All: 600 XP


All: 1175 gp

Quest Summary:

By Senior Reporter Cadella Cornings

The chaos brought by the 'adventuring' sort reached the offices of The Chronicle today, when a 'Doctor' Kablak (male human, age unknown) was apprehended after attacking The Chronicle offices. The Doctor is currently under investigation for over a dozen counts of murder within Avalon alone, and countless more outside. He attacked The Chronicle office for unknown reasons, suspected to be related to his blatant attempts at seeking attention with each prospective murder.

Little is known about the so-called Doctor, although evidence suggested he hailed from Cargando, where he lived with his family for several years. It's here the terror starts, and local Cargando authorities were able to confirm the butchering and murder of his wife and child, of which Kablak was at-the-time cleared as a suspect. Kablak then left a bloody trail wherever he followed, claiming to be chasing a demon. In truth, Kablak was using his position as an excuse to further his sick desire, gruesomely dismembering and torturing his victims, and attempting to blame it on a fiendish source.

Kablak's travels brought him to Avalon last month. It is in this reporter's opinion that the reason he came to Avalon was the reason that drove him to all of his crimes - attempting to seek recognition of his horrific deeds, craving the dark attention that it brought. Once in Avalon, he began preying on the poor and unwell, and was responsible for a rash of recent murders and staged suicides previously reported to in The Chronicle.

This came to a head when a group of adventurers, previously working under Kablak's hire to find the so-called 'demon' confronted him after the doctor was forced to murder a fellow resident at his boarding house. Chasing their previous employer down, they managed to confront him outside of The Chronicle office, and quickly subdued him, although not before a staff member was mortally injured. The capture left Kablak badly injured, and he is currently in a coma at an undisclosed location. Authorities report it is not expected for Kablak to wake soon, if ever.

This event serves as a reminder to the people of Avalon that although local 'adventurers' are often immortalized in song and tale, they can easily be led astray and manipulated. At least 14 victims have been confirmed as being murdered by Kablack, with as many as 11 more suspected and currently under investigation. For now, however, the streets of Avalon are safe from the mad Doctor's rampage, and its citizens can rest once more.

XP and Rep Awarded by Lisa