Deeper Shadows in the Wood

Deeper Shadows in the Wood

DM Name: Scaly

Remhoraz, Foxkin Lv.5, Conjurer 5
Zamiera-Wolfen- Level 4- Druid
Sira, Human, Level 5, Fighter
Lily, canine beastfolk, level 3 monk
Jenner Level 2 wolfen barbarian
Karyn Lynn Calbury, Human Necromancer 3/Cleric 3

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR

2 Aberrant Owlbears, CR6
2 Aberrant Deer, CR4
1 Aberrant Wolf, CR5
Handling the Greater Cursestones CR5

Character Name: Experience
Karyn: 1,300 xp
Remhoraz, Sira: 1,583 xp
Zamiera: 1,733 xp
Lily: 1,950 xp
Jenner: 1,950 xp

Each character recieves 1,200 Gold and…
Zamiera: Stormfire Ring, MiC 206
Karyn: Scroll of Sign of Sealing, Scroll of Regal Procession, Scroll of Unluck, Scroll of Curse of Impending Blades, Scroll of Mass Snake's Swiftness
Remhoraz: Glasses of the Golden Sun, MiC 205
Sira: Bracers of Blinding Strike, MiC 198
Lily: Amulet of Attacks +1
Jenner: Halt; Hammerzeit! +1 Enhancement Enchantment to his Hammer.

Quest Summary:
Cries for help continue to ask for hearty adventurers to delve into the neighboring woods that have become *more* violent rather than less after parties have begun eradicating the roving bands of outlaws that have taken up camp there. More disturbing now are the reports that animals have begun to act strangely within the shadows of the wood.
The party answered the call this day and proceeded into the forest to see what awaited them. All was still and silent save for the eerie sounds and optical illusions caused by the untrustworthy light filtering down from the thick canopy far above them.
They came to the clearing where Zamiera had battled brigands to the death before, and there they came across two disturbing effigies, made in the manner of goblinoid shamans of the frozen north of Rimevast, and made to resemble two wolfen, one red and one grey and black. The party looked up from this finding to see an illusion that appeared to be an immense black and grey furred wolfen male dressed in simple tribal garb disappearing into the shadows on the far side of the clearing.
Several members of the party heard spellcasting and then they were accosted by the horrors the woods held that they had only heard whispers of until then. The party found themselves surrounded by aberrant wildlife; owlbears, deer and wolves approached the party, giving out a cacophany of strange threats and laughter, the sound beginning to grate physically upon the minds of the party as the creatures attacked and revealed themselves to be the horrors they were as their skin sloughed off to reveal their unnatural musculature and release a single grasping tendril that had grown from each of them.
Repulsed and horrified, the party maintained their nerve and fought off the aberrants, destroying them to the last. As each expired, the flesh upon their bones liquefied into pure corruption and putrescence to sink into the ground or boil away, leaving white bones and a glowing runestone that resonated with unwholesome power. The stones were destroyed, save for ones handled with care by Zamiera and Karyn and one handled without care by Remhoraz. All of them seeking answers to questions about the stones origin. Remhoraz lucklessly handled the stone without anything to impede its corruption, and suffered 1d4 points of Constitution Drain, losing 3 points Permanently unless some way can be found to restore him as his arm withered and twisted as it was covered in suppurating boils.