Quest Title: Dehydration
Level Spread: 1-3
Duration: 8:00 PM to 1:10 AM (4 hours, 10 minutes)

Hussam Arbouqa, lvl 3, Human, Wizard
Lervanus, Level 2 Orc Barbarian
Aliyah, level 2, small canine, sorcerer(air elemental)
Violet Atreya, Cleric 1, ECL3, Half-Fae

XP: All characters Receive 900 XP
Pay + Reward 6,500 divided 4 ways. (1,625 Gold each)

Commissioned by a Gnome mage, the party is given the task of recovering his latest invention: An Eversoaking Sponge. Locating the hideout of the thief, One Relgore Grimtooth who is a known petty larcen, they venture into his hide out where cool heads prevail over an orge, and several challenges that lie in wait. Bringing in the thief, they recover the item (which is shaped like a rubber duck) and bring the larcenous bugbear to face his crimes…