The Place of the Gods in Therafim

The Old God Listing

Preserved here for archival and historical purposes.

The Creator Gods

The Light and Chaos are the creator deities of all reality that is connected to Therafim. Chaos was originally all that existed, a source of endless and yet formless substance, until the Light came into being and drove back Chaos to allow that substance to take a solid shape, creating a vast gulf between the two that formed the span of the Planes, with the Prime Material Plane of Therafim in the very center. The Light is the embodiment of all things that lead to energy, elevation, and evolution. Chaos is the embodiment of the negative principles that cause all that exists to sink towards entropy and nonbeing. The Light actively worked to bring about the creation of Umnos and Matra, while Chaos finds expression in the Forbidden Gods, seeking always to tear down whatever might be created, channeling a portion of his essence into the fabric of their being.

Chaos Chaos (Entropy), Death, Destruction (Catastrophe, Rage), Evil (Fear), Void (Dark Tapestry)
The Light Preservation, Glory, Good, Healing (Restoration, Resurrection), Sun (Light, Day), Void (Stars)

Ruling Gods of Therafim

These are the gods who govern the fundamental aspects of Therafim's workings. Matra, is the incarnation of nature itself and all things living, as well as the defender and nurturer of all that lives on Therafim, brought to full awareness (for she had always existed) by the draconic deities to preserve Therafim. Umnos is the defender of portals and boundaries, including the greatest boundaries of all: between time and space, and life and death, and he was created by the Light to keep Therafim safe, though he did not achieve his full power until it was given to him by the acceptance of his role by Therafim's peoples. The Morrigan is the embodiment of the motivating force that drives all things on Therafim, the very force of conflict itself, and the will to survive and grow strong from that conflict, created at the moment of the first clash between Chaos and the Light. In the grand scheme of existence on Therafim, Matra provides life, Umnos provides definition, and the Morrigan provides the force for change and growth. The other deities of Therafim derive many of their powers from lesser emanations of the three ruling gods.

Deity Name Domains
Matra Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Healing (Restoration), Plant (Growth), Water (Oceans), Weather (Seasons)
The Morrigan Chaos, Destruction (Rage), Madness, Strength (Ferocity), War (Blood, Tactics)
Umnos Artifice (Construct), Fate, Knowledge (Thought), Luck (Fate), Protection (Defense), Time, Travel

Draconic Gods

These are the gods closest to both the Light and Chaos. Bahamut and Tiamat were created, along with the Morrigan, by the initial conflict between the opposing forces of the Light and Chaos, and so are lesser (though still immensely powerful) expressions of the creator deities. Because of their innate situation between the forces of creation and entropy, light and darkness, the draconic deities are beings that embody not just primal creative forces, but most especially the essential qualities that define all sentient beings. Because of their deep philosophically-generated natures, the draconic deities are difficult to understand for most mortals, and while they have immense powers when they do act on behalf of mortals, they are less likely to do so because of the inherent distancing from mortals that their nature requires.

Deity Name Domains
Amalgam Earth, Fate, Magic (Divine), Luck (Fate), Preservation, Repose, Strength (Resolve)
Bahamut Air, Glory (Heroism), Good, Nobility, Preservation, Protection, Scalykind (Dragon)
Grimrose Darkness (Loss), Death (Undead), Luck (Curse, Fate), Plant (Decay)
Hawl Darkness (Moon), Knowledge (Memory), Magic, Rune, Serpent, Void (Dark Tapestry)
Ink Artifice, Darkness, Knowledge (Thought), Liberation, Magic (Arcane), Rune (Language)
Lydia Chaos, Charm (Love, Lust), Luck, Song, Trickery
Nimbus Air (Cloud), Good, Healing (Renewal, Resurrection), Ice, Renewal, Repose
Paradox Chaos, Liberation (Freedom, Revolution), Luck, Madness (Insanity), Trickery
Sin Eater Chaos (Entropy), Destruction (Catastrophe, Rage), Fire (Arson, Ash, Smoke), Madness, Renewal
Talus Earth (Metal), Glory (Honor), Law, Protection, Retribution, Rune (Wards)
Tiamat Destruction (Torture), Evil, Nobility (Leadership), Scalykind (Dragon), War, Water

Titanborn Gods

While called titanborn, these deities are actually a grouping composed of any gods who attained power because of their immense primordial power, and also because of their alignment with the draconic gods of Therafim, and by extension with Therafim itself. Their numbers include the gods of the fey, the most powerful elemental spirits, and of course the most powerful of the titans who allied themselves with the draconic deities in the constant battle to save Therafim. Titanborn deities are concerned with the forces and substance that make up reality, making them more understandable to mortals, and more likely to pay attention to mortal calls for assistance.

Deity Name Domains
Behemoth Animal, Destruction (Rage), Earth, Strength (Ferocity), Weather (Seasons)
Bellakadina Charm (Lust), Darkness (Night), Evil, Luck (Curse), Trickery (Deception)
Chekari Air (Cloud, Wind), Animal (Feather), Travel, Weather (Storms)
Dan Dao Artifice (Construct), Cold Iron, Death, Earth (Metal), Protection (Defense)
Dormis and Nocturna Chaos, Dream [Dormis only], Song, Charm (Love), Darkness (Moon), Madness (Nightmare) [Nocturna only]
Fenrath Animal (Fur), Community, Ice, Liberation (Revolution), Preservation, Strength (Ferocity, Resolution)
Gun Healing (Restoration), Knowledge, Nobility (Martyr), Plant (Growth), Preservation
Harrow Death, Destruction (Torture), Evil, Madness, Plant (Decay), Wind
Jyn Air, Liberation, Rune (Language), Wind, War
Karn Artifice (Toil), Community (Home), Dwarf, Earth (Metal), Protection, Rune, Strength
Leviathan Destruction, Knowledge, Protection, Scalykind, Strength, Water (Flotsam, Ice, Oceans)
Lugscar Chaos, Darkness, Destruction (Rage), Evil, Orc, Strength (Ferocity)
Masks of the Market Community, Law (Slavery), Luck (Curse), Retribution, Rune (Language, Wards), Travel (Trade)
Phoenix Air, Fire, Glory, Good, Healing (Resurrection), Liberation (Freedom), Sun
Small Ones Animal (Fur), Charm, Halfling, Luck, Protection, Travel (Exploration), Trickery
Swarm Evil, Law (Tyranny, Slavery), Plant (Decay), War
Sylver Community (Family, Home), Gnome, Good, Protection (Purity), Repose (Ancestors)
Tumulus Destruction, Earth (Caves), Protection, Scalykind (Saurian), War (Blood)
Velos Darkness (Night), Elf, Good, Liberation, Plant, Protection
Wysha Charm, Darkness (Night), Luck, Magic (Arcane), Pleasure, Trickery (Deception)
Yemaja Good, Healing (Restoration), Ocean, Renewal, Repose, Water

Mortalborn Gods

Mortalborn gods are those deities that, while initially mortals, somehow managed to tap into a powerful, essential quality of the nature of reality, and by so doing attained godhood. More than just mortals who happened upon great power, these deities have had a part of their substance conjoined with a vastly greater universal principle, which they just happened to give a nuanced expression through their preexisting personalities. These are the youngest of the fully-powered deities of Therafim, and tend to be the least powerful, but also the most likely to respond to entreaties from their worshipers for assistance.

Deity Name Domains
Astra Nobility (Leadership), Preservation, Protection (Defense), War (Tactics)
Epona Animal (Fur), Liberation (Freedom), Strength, Travel
Pit Animal (Feather), Good, Nobility (Martyr), Song, Travel
Shanglon Mahakala Healing, Knowledge, Renewal, Travel (Exploration)
Slum Animal (Fur), Chaos, Liberation (Revolution), Trickery (Thievery)
Tetractis Artifice (Construct), Knowledge, Law, Time
Velsang Death (Murder), Destruction, Retribution, Strength, War (Blood)
Zahir Charm (Lust), Darkness (Night), Evil, Law (Slavery)

Demigods (Require approval for worship - not necessarily REP)

Demigods, in Therafim, are those beings of more-than-mortal power that are not yet powerful enough, or whose worship is not widespread enough, or who are not willing to give up enough of their mortal selves for them to be ranked among the other gods. Generally, few clerics draw strength from these beings - perhaps only those from a chosen bloodline, only certain races, those who live in a certain area, or only adepts. Unlike mortalborn gods, demigods have not lost any of their inherent personalities, retaining more of what they were when they were mortal, but also not attaining the degree of power that comes from uniting with a primal force of creation. This is generally the highest rank of divinity that mortals can attain, most often as a reward from more powerful deities, and very rarely through the actions of the mortal. Player Characters may become demigods, but in so doing, they must be retired from active play.

Deity Name Domains
Arca Fire, Glory, Nobility (Leadership), Strength
Baba Yaga Darkness (Loss), Knowledge (Memory), Luck (Curse), Magic, Weather (Storms)
First Emperor Cold Iron, Community, Law, Nobility, War
Sekhmet Luck (Fate), Nobility, Retribution, Strength
Spirit Court Community (Family), Death, Knowledge (Memory), Luck, Protection, Repose (Ancestors, Souls)

Forbidden Gods (Require approval for worship - not necessarily REP)

These are the gods of madness, despair, destruction, and doom. They are utterly irredeemable beings of immense power whose very purpose is to bring about the downfall of all creation, though their exact methods and motivations vary. While it can be quite tempting to worship them for the quick power and instant gratification that they offer, leading many to embrace their worship at least initially, only those completely blinded by these temptations, the most destructively mad, or the unregenerately nihilistic become their most devout servants.

Deity Name Domains
Dark One Darkness, Death (Murder), Evil, Fire (Arson), Nobility (Leadership), Trickery, War (Blood)
Frenzy Air, Animal, Chaos, Earth, Fire (Ash), Madness, Plant (Decay), Water
Nightmare King Knowledge (Thought), Madness (Insanity, Nightmare), Rune, Void (Dark Tapestry)
Worm Darkness (Loss), Destruction (Catastrophe), Evil (Fear), Scalykind, Serpent, Void

Also see The Mysterie of Darke Cultes for more information on entities that, while not exactly deities, are close enough that they inspire worship in the degraded, desperate, evil, and insane. These entities are likewise forbidden.

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