Dem Bones

Dem Bones

DM Name:


Elska Horsegirl Fighter 1
Nox Beastfolk Knight 2
Kael Wolf Beastfolk Cleric 1
Miyako Human Rogue 1
Sihak Beast Folk Barbarian 1
Miren Elf Bard 1

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
4x Improved Skeleton, creature, cr2
3x improved skeleton, creature, cr2
Dread necromancer, creature, cr4
Elska: 925 XP
Nox: 925 XP
Kael: 925 XP
Miyako: 925 XP
Sihak: 925 XP
Miren: 925 XP

Elska: 5400 GP and a Adamantite Chain shirt
Nox: 6400 GP
Kael: 6400 GP
Miyako: 6400 GP
Sihak: 6400 GP
Miren: 5400 GP and a Masterwork Scythe and a Pair of Dastana, and two Potions of cure light wounds

Quest Summary:
The Party was drawn by a small ruckus down near the slums where the guards were organizing.. with as much as the guards were usually over tasked, their helpful, if greedy intentions were welcomed, each being assigned to find a necromancer which was responcible for a scene.. in the dark underneath the town in the sewers they found their quarry.. or more to the point he found them.. they ran into a patrol of his skeletons, taking them out with divine aid.. only to be found by the necromancer and her personal guard himself.. in the two battles they took many injuries, almost losing Sihak and Miyako to the necromancer's brutal and potent Skeletal minions.

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