Want a little something sweet after dinner? Try one our various desserts! Prices vary from item to item.

A traditional sacrificial cake offered to the gods on holy days. Two pounds of cheese is well crushed in a mortar, adding a pound of bread-wheat flour to be mixed with cheese, along with a bit of honey and sweet wine. One egg is added then to make a loaf atop a pan of bay leaves. The pan is then covered with a clay pot to be baked in a brick oven.

Baked Apple - 8 cp.
If you have a taste for something particularly satisfying at the end of your meal, try one of our baked apples. Each apple is carefully cored out and stuffed with butter, brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon just before baking.

Sugar Cookies - 4 cp.
We are not talking about those crusty old stale things that the girls would bring aboard the ship to ya, matey! A half dozen sugar cookies, freshly baked and coming to you warm, straight from the kitchen.

Spice Cake - 1 sp.
A generous slab of our special spice cake, with no ingredient spared. Note the deep flavor of exotic clove and cinnamon.

Azure Stem Cake - 6 sp. apiece
These fist-sized, bluish-white cakes are one of the best-known delicacies offered at the Arcadia Inn. They combine the delicious mark of our baker's cuisine mastery for truly unusual taste properties.

Freshberry Stuff - 5 sp. per cup
This sweet, freshberry-based blend of fruits, sugar and ice tastes so good it actually refreshes the eater, being attributed to relieving fatigue and bad moods. The recipe was developed by a young kitchen aide with little real cooking skills but a great instinct for tastes and flavors. The girl simply mixed all the fruits she could find with an extra serving of freshberry, whipped it on ice and served it - it was an instant success, and the Arcadia Inn immediately hired the girl as the fruits and juices 'specialist.' This is still one of the most ordered desserts and refreshments at the Arcadia.

Kelp Cookies - 1 sp. apiece
This is an old elf recipe, collected from 'mysterious contacts.' The dish consists of relatively large, round, flat cookies made of whole grain, with vegetable specks of blue, green, and yellow. The cookies are hard and crusty, yet strangely smooth to the touch.

Dwarven Rock Candy - 6 cp
This sweetmeat is a favored delicacy of the dwarves, though too treacly and heady for most other races. It consists of rock-like pieces of concentrated caramel and other high-energy ingredients, sweet enough to raise the spirits of a dwarf - and that means SWEET.

Scorpion Snack - 5 sp.
This strange snack consists of dried, charred scorpion limbs, specially prepared with oil, salt and spices, and served in a bowl. It is a surprisingly good-tasting, cheap, and easy-to-make recipe.

Deep Fried Fairy Cake - 3 sp.
Something magical occurs when the pastry hits the hot oil. The fairy cake softens and warms, nearly melting, contrasting with the crisp, deep-fried battered crust. Available in either a vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla filling, and topped with your choice of blueberry, raspberry, or pancake syrup.