Detain Ectoplasm

Level: Psion/wilder 5
Display: Auditory and visual
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. +10 ft./level)
Area: 30-ft.-radius burst
Duration: Instantaneous and 1 round/level; see text
Saving Throw: Will negates; see text
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 9

The creatures, objects, and effects in the area disappear with an audible pop. As dismiss ectoplasm (EPH 94), except that when you do away with creatures, objects, or effects composed of ectoplasm, you psionically reserve the constituent ectoplasm for later use with your own metacreativity powers. An ectoplasmic creature that fails its Will saving throw dissipates into constituent ectoplasm that streams to you and either adheres to an object you hold or takes up orbit around your head.

A creature under the effect of the ectoplasmic form power that fails its saving throw is destroyed outright, and you detain its constituent ectoplasm. Other ongoing powers that create ectoplasmic objects or effects, such as ectoplasmic cocoon, are detained if you succeed on a manifester level check (1d20 + your manifester level, maximum +15) against a DC of 11 + the power's manifester level.

Once you have successfully used this power, you have an ectoplasmic reserve until this power's duration elapses or until you use up the reserve. If you manifest any metacreativity power while you maintain an ectoplasmic reserve, you manifest that power as if your manifester level were one higher than normal.

Once you use up your ectoplasmic reserve to increase the manifester level of a metacreativity power, the duration of this power ends.

Against constructed psionic items that appear to be mere ectoplasm, such as any of the psychoactive skins, this power merely suppresses the item's abilities for 1d4 rounds (just as occurs with the dismiss ectoplasm power).