Devil Rift

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Abby, level 1 halfling psion
Solidiirn, ECL 3 noble drow arcane sorcerer
Dahlia, level 3 human paladin
Ithrandiira, level 1 drow draconic sorcerer
Colt, level 3 beastfolk fighter
Xel, level 1 avariel warlock
Inara, level 3 human paladin

1 barbazu and 3 lemures (CR 6 total)

386 xp for each

500 gp for each

Quest Summary:
As the various party members were going towards the Arcadia Inn, they were sucked into a rift in the planes, and drawn down to Hell. It turns out, Abby's great-grandfather wanted to have a chat with her, and sent a bearded devil with some lemures to fetch her, as she and the others stood on the bank of a river of boiling blood and cold semen. The party, however, objected to this, and Fast Eddie was able to get a device from a wizard who owed him a favor, allowing him to bring the party back before more devils could come. The party got quite a bit of money selling the glaive of the bearded devil, and splitting the earnings, to say nothing of the hellish jewelry the creature was wearing.