Devil's Night

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Abby, level 8 halfling psion/crystal master
Colt, level 5 equitra fighter
Galen, level 9 human monk/drunken master
Naeyla, level 7 human swashbuckler/rogue/fighter
Lily, level 4 folf monk

Fast Eddie was present as an NPC

1 amnizu and 4 spinagons (CR 7 and CR 4 respectively, CR 9 total)

Lily: 1,000 xp (capped)
Colt: 1,000 xp (capped)
Naeyla: 840 xp
Abby: 720 xp
Galen: 540 xp

1,350 gp for each
Special gifts left by Abigor for the party to share, found in the briefcase later (each party member may pick one of the following):
Horn of Fog (2,000 gp)
Heward's Handy Haversack (2,000 gp)
Ring of Four Winds (2,000 gp)
Third Eye Surge (2,100 gp)
+1 weapon of your choice (+2,000 gp)

Quest Summary:
Abby and some of her friends were summoned to take part in a grand party where Abigor, Abby's devilish ancestor, was having a party on the eve of All-Hallow's Eve, appropriately called Devil's Night. There Abby was given a briefcase by her ancestor, containing documents of ownership for his mortal possessions on the Prime Material Plane - he was retiring from those businesses, he said, and wanted her to take them over. Fladdus, Abigor's toady, guided the party to Abigor, and then guided them away, before he sprang an ambush with four spinnagons, to try and take the briefcase from Abby! The party did fierce battle, and, though it was close for a short while, they came out on top, with the briefcase still in tow. Before leaving, it should be noted, Abby gave Abigor a hug when he was wearing the shape of a halfling…and he hugged her back.