Did Someone Call for a WAAAGGHHH

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: 6 hrs

Mythiv, level 5 Warlock, disconnected before boss.
Damien, level 5 Rogue/Swash
Aliyah, level 5 Sorcerer
Hussam, level 6 Wizard
Lucius, level 5 Paladin
Rodur: Level 4 Warblade

Finding the Orc Camp: CR5

1 Forest Troll CR 4
3 Goblins CR1/3 Each
6 Orcs CR 1 Half Each
2 "Bigger Orcs" CR1
2 Wolves CR1

1 Big Boss Hurtul "CR8"

Rodur: 2000
Damien: 1880
Aliyah: 1880
Lucius: 1880
Hussam: 1620
Mythiv: 900

1400 gp and a magic item of up to 2300 gp for everyone who finished.
Mythiv: 700 gp and a magic item of up to 1200 gp.

Orcs were doing what Orcs do best. Causing trouble for other people. As of late they'd a band had taken to robbing caravans, in the "everyone is dead and the caravan is missing" sense. Artificier Farghorn was on the case, and thus so we're our adventurers, aboard a paddlewheeled barge they sailed 2 days to the chunk of forest where the Orcs had been seen coming to the river for water.
With Hussam opting not to send his hawk out to look for them and no tracker in the party, they found themselves bumbling through the woods for quite some time before managing to stumble into the Orc camp.
Instead of scouting around and looking for an entrance, the party instead decided perhaps hacking through the camp's thick palisade wall was the best option, which did little, despite their efforts, but hack some chips off the huge logs the Orcs had errected. Luckily enough however, termites and mother nature had done their work for them, and realizing the underground portions had rotted from the wobble, the 2 strong types proceeded to simply shove some of the huge branches of the palisade wall over and make our team an entrance.
This is where their blunders ended. As the Orcs rallied to the fight, Hussam quickly neutralized their threat with the use of a stinking cloud, and when they failed to scatter dropped 4 of the Orcs the next round with a grease spell. Nearly everything failed every save, so…balls. The Orcs had other plans though, and a round later a huge forest troll was prodded out of it's pen by a goblin handler. The troll fought valiantly, but the party, now having no problem with focus fire, burned him to bits after he manged only one poison taloned hit against Lucius…and naturally he saved (was really looking forward to that 1d6 con/1d6 con).
As the party finished off the Orcs after having mitigated them, the "Big Boss" arrived one round too late to have the benefit of his allies…or perhaps 2 rounds =/. The party wasted no time, the boss managed to attack once…and they had burned off some 100+ hp like a chef slicing some chicken.
They found where the Orcs we're keeping all their looted supplies…and also that the horses they stole, as well as some other unlucky travellers of the roads had in fact been eaten by the Orcs. With a hard days work, they managed to transport the pilfered commodities and goods to the waiting barge, and sail back to Avalon, where a delighted Artificier Farghorn compensated them for their hard work, and gave them vouchers to have him craft them a magic item of their choosing in his workshop.

Exp awarded by Jennibear