All main courses are served with hot rolls, buns, or toast and come with three side dishes. You may select your chosen side dishes from the following list: boiled turnips, wild greens with our famous vinegar sauce, baked apples smothered in brown sugar, boiled tender carrots, baked butternut squash with a buttery sugar sauce, tender new potatoes, deep fried chips, or sauteed mushrooms and onions.

All meals are served with one serving of ale, mead, wine, or hot tea. Free refills of drinking water are available upon request, just motion to the wench with the water pitcher. Yes dearest, the cost is a tad high, but isn't it worth it to have something a bit more than a bit of hardtack and some dried out slab of cured meat? Trust me, you won't be eating this good anywhere else!

Adventurer's Fare - 8 sp.
Description: A stone-ground bread pocket filled with shredded hard cheese, dried shredded beef, and dried onions and tomatoes. Served in a waxed cheesecloth, along with a flask of fine bourbon. Perfect for those long, hard treks to that ancient cavern you want to explore!

Broiled Hummingbird - 1 gp.
Description: Three tender hummingbirds that fed from only the sweetest of flowers are broiled and served whole on a plate of buttered pasta and fresh tomato slices. A creamy cheese sauce tops the meal. Halfling cinnamon wine accompanies the meal, and candied violets provide a sweet ending.

Dragon Loaf - 5 sp.
Description: This dwarf-invented meal is molded from pepper-spiced ground beef or pork into a dragon-shaped baking mold and baked in our brick oven until sizzling throughout. Then we unmold your beast onto a bed of buttered gold corn 'coins.' Ask for a basket of dinner rolls and a mug of our tomato and jicama juice. For dessert we have ice cream, a popular milk-based creation originally from Nemminus. The gnomes were the ones to discover the process to create this 'ice cream.'

Druid's Delight - 8 sp.
Description: Farm-raised violet fungus is julienned and sauteed in lemon butter until tender and served on a six-leaf salad drizzled with apple vinegar. Toasted whole wheat bread dipped in safflower honey is served on the side. Wash it all down with a flute of Avalon Red or chilled tea. For dessert, try a bowl of sugar-coated pecans. No animals were harmed in the making of this meal.

Eight-Legged Enchantment - 5 sp.
Description: Two juicy monstrous spiders are stuffed with sage corn dressing and grilled until crisp, then coated with a tangy tomato sauce. A large bowl of parsley dumpling soup rounds out the main course. A frosty dwarven ale is the perfect drink for your eight-legged delight, and be sure to try our sticky sweet rolls for dessert.

Kitty of the Sea - 1 gp.
Description: We coat thick slices of catfish with a peppery buttermilk batter and fry it to a crisp golden brown. Enjoy your steaks dipped in shrimp gravy and with a side of seaweed and cabbage salad. We recommend spicy grog from our private stock to complement your meal.

Magnificent Mutton Stew - 8 sp.
Description: Succulent mutton is slow-roasted over open flames before simmering in a thick stock with the freshest corn, diced potatoes, and juicy baby onions. We serve this fine meal with a side of fresh black bread, cold butter, a wedge of aged cheddar, and Granite Mountain Black. For dessert, enjoy fresh seasonal berries and clotted cream.

Pit-Roasted Dire Boar - 5 sp.
Description: We smoke a whole dire boar in our obsidian-lined cooking pit with the best hickory chips. The dire boar is tended night and day by expert chefs until it reaches tender pefection. You may slice your meal straight from the bone yourself, or I would be glad to find you the best portion. Vegetable soup filled with large chunks of carrots, celery, cabbage, onions, and turnips and fried potato wedges dipped in boar gravy rounds out the meal. Chilled sassafras tea or a tall Granite Mountain Black complement this meal perfectly!

Swan's Song - 10 gp.
Description: A meal fit for a king! Only the heartiest and most discerning of appetites should attempt to enjoy this meal alone. While you're waiting on the main course, enjoy an appetizer of caviar-stuffed mushrooms followed by a delicious cold cucumber soup spiced with dill and rosemary. For the main course we take farm-raised swans and carefully de-feather them. They are then slow-baked whole in their own juices, and our master chef carefully re-inserts the feathers in the cooked swan before presenting the concoction to your table. Enjoy the meal with a bottle of our finest Crystal Starsong. For dessert, our recommendation is a sweetened hot chocolate drink topped with fresh whipped cream.

White Wolfen Thundersteak - 5 gp
Description: Named for a wolfen who walked into the Arcadia and ordered the hottest and spiciest steak available. The chef on duty created this particular steak and was pleased to hear that the wolfen would eat nothing else whenever it came to the Arcadia Inn. A ribeye steak is marinated in a sauce made up of onions, tomatoes, and a variety of jalepeno and habanero peppers. Hot and spicy, served with grilled sweet potato halves, mixed vegetables. Add pound cake slices with strawberry/raspberry/blueberry topping and whipped cream for dessert. Wash it down with a glass of milk or a tall Granite Mountain Black!

Wise Choice - 6 sp.
Description: Crested owl eggs, discovered mere hours after being laid, are spiced with ten different peppers before being scrambled to a gold yellow. Hot pork sausage links, buttered twice-risen rolls, and cinnamon-spiced mulled wine complement the eggs. Also available for breakfast.

Chuul Chowder - 1 gp, 5 sp.
The meat from the chuul, those big, lobster-type creatures, are mixed into a creamy chowder with potatoes, cracked peppercorns, baby onions, and fresh cheddar cheese. Served with a basket of popovers, this meal goes well with a hot cup of strawberry tea.

Deep Fried Delight - 1 sp, 5 cp.
This is a heavy meal on the stomach, though Dwarves seem rather fond of it. We roll thick onion slices, fresh fish, potato wedges, and even pickles in an herb-laced corn meal mixture and fry it all in peanut or vegetable oil. Those who enjoy the meal say it's best enjoyed with an icy mug of pepper ale. We offer butter almond biscuits to round out the meal, and suggest a mug of Dwarven spirits to go with your meal.

Dire Weasel Stew - 7 sp.
We have a special place in our hearts for adventurers, and this meal was result of our chef's willingness to exchange a dire weasel carcass in lieu of payment for a meal. The chef at the time took the meat and diced the most tender pieces into a stew with some barley, tomatoes, black beans, and corn. The results were surprisingly delicious, and the adventurers were so happy with the meal that they suggested we offer the meal to others. The meal comes with a delicious corn-and-oat bread slathered in apple butter, a cup of crisp pear cider, and blueberry scones for dessert.

Lime-Stuffed Chicken - 5 sp.
Allow us to start you with an appetizer - cherry tomatoes in halfling spirits and dipped in sea salt. While you enjoy your tomato dippers, our chefs prepare your main course, chicken breast halves stuffed with a mixture of fresh lime, forest mushrooms, wild rice, and our special blend of herbs and spices. Try the gnomish tomato wine. It's perfect with the tomato dippers. A slice of apple cake sweetened with a brandy sauce provides the ideal end to your meal.

Pixie Bread - 6 sp.
A delicately-sweetened rye bread smothered in a spicy pork gravy, this meal is perfect for those evenings when you are not up to a hearty meal. It's served with an asparagus vinegar salad and buttered corn, and for dessert we offer sliced strawberries in champagne. I'll bring you a glass of ice water while you make your decision.

Snake Skewers - 4 sp.
First, let us recommend a lemon wine with this meal. A more delectable treat you will never imagine. We take skewers full of marinated snake meat, onions, and squash and roast them over a hickory fire. The meat and vegetables are served on a bed of rice. For dessert, I will bring you a selection of fine cheeses.

Spicy Grilled Corn - 4 cp.
A popular meal among the elven blood of the world and those watching their figures! The corn is grilled in the husk and seasoned with a variety of spices. A side of boiled artichokes works very well with the spicy main course. I will start you out with wine-and-cheese muffins and garlic butter and a glass of our popular house wine. For dessert, enjoy a slice of wild rice and nut cake topped with maple whipped cream and a snifter of raspberry liqueur.

Chicken Stew - 2 sp.
A cheap meal, yet effective and filling stew made up of sauteed mushrooms, chopped cabbage, chopped chicken and diced onions in a tomato-based broth, with salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Served with a loaf of bread and steamed carrots in melted butter.

Spicy Stallion Sausages - 5 sp.
A special blend of garlic, sage, rosemary, and thyme goes into our delicious stallion sausages, which are grilled with onion rings and peppers and served on toasted sourdough bread rolls. Don't let those nasty rumors that these sausages get their shape from sausage casings based on the shape of a very different sort of 'stallion sausage' deter you from enjoying this savory dinner! A dark ale works best with this hearty concoction. Our chef has cooked up his specialty, cannolis, for dessert.

Old-Fashioned Beef Sirloin - 4 sp.
A down-home, old-fashioned, yet light meal. Take four flour-coated chopped sirloin patties heated in oil and butter until brown and add bouillon before simmering in chopped onions, sauteed onions and dark tamarind sauces. Served with steamed and buttered peas, and whole wheat bread. After the meal, take your choice of pastries, such as small cakes or cookies.

Fried Chicken - 1 gp
A good, whole meal that is sure to fill the belly of any normal individual A whole chicken is covered in flour and dough and then fried in a giant frying bucket full of hot cooking oil, and then seasoned with bell seasoning, paprika, freshly chopped parsley, minced garlic cloves, black pepper, and powdered onion and garlic. It is served on a large serving tray, with shredded lettuce and tomatoes, and a bowl of exquisite mushroom soup, and buttered rolls.

Big Burger - 5 sp.
This sandwich calls for a half pound of ground beef, sharp cheddar cheese, grilled red onion, two strips of bacon, and two glazed donuts in place of the buns. The Big Burger is deep-fried in a specially maintained 20-year old vat of cooking oil and the every part of the burger is soaked in the grease. Served with a basket of fried and battered potato wedges. Enjoy with a Granite Mountain Black followed by a deep fried fairycake for dessert.