Dinner For Two

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Nerylos, level 3 lizardthing ranger
Octavi, level 3 human druid
Jasper, level 3 ratling scout

Ettin (CR 6)

900 xp for each

1,000 gp for each
2 cure light wounds potions (50 gp each) for each

Quest Summary:
The party were returning from Far North back to Avalon City after a successful but boring caravan guarding gig when they decided to look around for a good place to camp. While they were doing this, they noticed marks of something large dragging small figures through the woods. Investigating, they discovered an etting about to make three young noble women into a stew. They did battle with the ettin, and soon saved the girls from a terrible fate. Which, incidentally, led to a pretty nice reward.